Eduline system

Eduline system

Systematic learning

Industry-specific training for specialists.

Your advantages

  • Exceptional basis for targeted continuing education of in-house and external specialists
  • Hands-on learning with state-of-the-art technology and components used in industrial settings
  • Intensive engagement with industry-specific technology functions
  • Secure your competitive edge with trained experts
Example Eduline system application  

Example Eduline system application

Industrie 4.0 is constantly presenting companies and their specialists with new technological challenges.

The Eduline system was conceived specially for training interns and specialists. Specialists receive targeted advanced training in industry-specific technologies. This is achieved through the practical application of current industrial technologies. Eduline system enables qualification for industry-specific system technologies so that existing and future professionals can quickly take on operative and changing tasks in the industry. Eduline system also supports apprentices and students in their decision regarding possible specializations and provides insight into the diversity of industry-specific system technologies.

Given the complexity of the existing specialization options in training and education, selecting a professional orientation can be greatly simplified by choosing Eduline system. The teaching material comes in the uniform Eduline modular design with standardized interfaces. These ensure safe startup and seamless combination with Eduline modular.


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