Bus coupler - IL PB BK - 2740054

The figure shows the version IL PB BK-PAC

PROFIBUS bus coupler, Standard-PROFIBUS-DP, 24 V DC, without accessories



Technical data



Product Description

The PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus coupler enables the flexible Inline automation kit to be operated with PROFIBUS as well.
An Inline station can be inserted at any point in a PROFIBUS-DP network using the fieldbus coupler.
The fieldbus coupler acts as a slave in the PROFIBUS and a master in the lower-level Inline local bus.
The address of the PROFIBUS slave can easily be set from outside by means of DIP switches. The PROFIBUS is connected via a 9-pos. D-SUB plug (e.g.: SUBCON-PLUS-PROFIB from Phoenix Contact). The operating voltage for the fieldbus coupler and the electronics can be fed using a separate power plug.
For the PROFIBUS project planning, a diskette with the corresponding device master data file is delivered with the product. The PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus coupler supports the proven Inline diagnostics as well as the typical PROFIBUS-DP diagnostics frames. Local LEDs enable precise diagnostics.
Please note the following when you configure the system:
The total logic current of all terminals connected to a PROFIBUS-DP fieldbus coupler must not exceed the maximum permissible total current of 2 A. Therefore, depending on your configuration, the number of terminal blocks that you can connect may be less than 63.
Phoenix Contact offers supplementary PROFIBUS components, e.g. FO interface converters from the PSM range.

Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2740054
Packing unit 1 pc
GTIN 4017918453213
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 295.400 g
Custom tariff number 85389091
Country of origin DE (Germany)


C6 The Exchange
Calmount Park
Dublin 12
D12 XE18
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