Termination board - IBS ISA FC/486DX/I-T - 2722085

Field controller, with electrical isolation including operating system and Generation 4 PC/104 coprocessor card (486 DX) for IEC 61131 runtime system for PC WorX



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Field controller as PC controller board
IBS ISA FC.. from the range of PC cards from Phoenix Contact make it possible to integrate complex control and automation tasks in accordance with IEC 61131 in the operator PCs of machines and systems. The task of universal networking in the control and automation levels is taken over by the INTERBUS system. The field controllers guarantee the reliable connection of sensors, actuators and field devices via INTERBUS and provide autonomous IEC-61131 performance for control tasks, independent of the host. The control and automation programs run on all field controllers independently of the host PC. The PC system is free for the display of the process signals and parameters connected via INTERBUS. The decoupling of the system control from the system visualization, as well as monitoring of the entire system with watchdog circuits guarantee a high level of operational reliability.
The automation software PC WORX is used to ensure universal configuration and programming according to IEC 61131 for all field controllers.
The field controllers from Phoenix Contact are available with variable capacities for different requirements. The compact field controller card, IBS ISA FC/I-T is the basic model for small to medium control tasks, and fits into every PC based operating, control and automation system. Retentive data from the control program are stored in an 8 Kbyte sized NVRAM available on the mother board.
The medium to upper power range is covered by the field controller IBS ISA FC/486DX/I-T which uses the worldwide available PC/104 standard as a high-capacity embedded PC board. The use of the coprocessor board provides the user with an autonomous control solution with adjustable performance that is independent of the PC system.

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Orderkey 2722085
Packing unit 1 pc
Catalog page Page 97 (AX-2005)
GTIN 4017918140786
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 388.960 g
Custom tariff number 85371091


C6 The Exchange
Calmount Park
Dublin 12
D12 XE18



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