Service material - FL MGUARD PROF SERVICE 5 - 2700189

Remote maintenance infrastructure complete package, traveling costs for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland already included, other countries on request (additional traveling allowance necessary).



Technical data


Product Description

Complete package for remote maintenance infrastructure

Based on a rough design from the customer, for example, from the "Evaluation and design workshop for secure remote maintenance" (package 4), this package can be used to draw up a sufficiently detailed design for practical implementation and to set up the necessary central infrastructure for the customer.
• 5 days of onsite professional services with a maximum of 2 trips.
• Review and, if necessary, expansion of the Internet teleservice concept (around 2.5 days)
o Machine/system side
o Service workstations
o Central infrastructure
o Overall resulting network structure
o Integration topics (product ranges, operation, retrofitting, service process)
o Roll-out and startup of new FL MGUARD field devices
o Operation and maintenance
• Installation and startup of the central infrastructure (around 2.5 days)
o Integration in the customer's IT infrastructure
o Installation and basic configuration of VPN gateways
(usually based on FL MGUARD BLADE or FL MGUARD DELTA)
o Startup and induction for Device Manager (FL MGUARD DM ...)
o Documentation
To be provided/completed by the customer

• Contact person with basic knowledge and some experience in the use of FL MGUARD devices plus a rough design for the Internet teleservice.
• Contact person from the customer's IT department for necessary network integration.
• Contact person from electrical design and servicing, especially for integration topics.
• FL MGUARD components for the central infrastructure (usually FL MGUARD BLADEPACK with at least 2 FL MGUARD BLADE ... or 2 x FL MGUARD DELTA, each with FL MGUARD LIC VPN 250 or FL MGUARD LIC VPN 250 Group).
• Software license for the FL MGUARD DM .... Device Manager.
• Server system(s) and client PC(s) and the network connections needed for the FL MGUARD DM ....

Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2700189
Packing unit 1 pc
GTIN 4046356498005
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 26.100 g
Country of origin DE (Germany)


C6 The Exchange
Calmount Park
Dublin 12
D12 XE18
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