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“Network Security” evaluation and concept workshop. Traveling costs for Germany, Austria and Switzerland already included, other countries on request (additional traveling allowance necessary).



Technical data


Product Description

Evaluation and design workshop for network security

Design consultation and practical testing of options for improving network segmentation and security using FL MGUARD firewall appliances, especially when retrofitting in environments where the communications behavior has not been properly documented.

• Loan of 2 FL MGUARD devices and one Syslog appliance (PC-based system with preinstalled Syslog server for gathering firewall logs) for 30 days.
• Hotline support by phone or e-mail for 30 days.
• Total of 3 days of professional services, including 2 days on site.
• First day (on site): Design consultation on the possible uses of FL MGUARD firewall systems as routers and especially in transparent stealth mode. Agreement with the customer on the selection of systems to be protected as part of the evaluation (2 individual nodes or one small system network). Installation of the Syslog Appliance and both FL MGUARD devices in "learning mode" for analysis of the available network connections.
• 2nd day (after around 1 - 2 weeks): Transfer and evaluation of Syslog data from "learning mode" operation.
• Third day (on site): Discussion of "learning mode" results and development of a suitable set of firewall rules. Setup and activation of the relevant set of rules on both FL MGUARD devices. Test mode and discussion of further action following successful completion of the evaluation phase.

To be provided/completed by the customer
• Individual nodes or a small system network for protection with FL MGUARD devices as part of the evaluation.
• Network diagram of the relevant environment. Cooperation in the interpretation of "learning mode" results and development of the set of firewall rules.
• Disconnection and return of the loan devices after 30 days.

Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2700186
Packing unit 1 pc
GTIN 4046356498029
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 26.200 g
Country of origin DE (Germany)


C6 The Exchange
Calmount Park
Dublin 12
D12 XE18
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