Windows 7

Security for industrial plants with Windows 7

Protect your industrial Windows 7 computer – even after support ends on January 14, 2020!

Microsoft support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. From then on, it will no longer be possible to protect against security vulnerabilities on Windows 7 computers by applying updates as in the past. Protect your plant now with the mGuard security module from Phoenix Contact – and without even having to access your ongoing system.

Your advantages

  • Retrofit the existing network easily: no change to the existing system configuration, thanks to the patented stealth mode
  • As quick as usual: the real-time performance of the system is not affected
  • Cost-effective, as fully replacing hardware, software, and production systems is not necessary
  • Uncomplicated integration in automation and IT environments
  • The best protection with industrial CIFS Integrity Monitoring virus sensor

Support for Windows 7 is ending – what does that mean?

Windows computers in automation  

Windows computers in automation

Microsoft’s extended support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. From this date, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to protect against new security vulnerabilities. As such, your risk of lack of security increases on a daily basis: attackers can infiltrate production computers with the old Windows operating system or they can be infected by viruses, Trojans or other worms. For this reason, Microsoft and security experts advise against unprotected continued operation. It is time to act!
Moreover, extended support for Windows 7 Embedded will only be offered until October 13, 2020.

Protection against viruses by means of CIFS Integrity Monitoring

The CIFS Integrity Monitoring (CIM) function of mGuard is an industrial virus sensor that monitors your data system for unexpected changes and detects if a Windows computer has been infected by malware. If a change is detected, mGuard sends an alert via e-mail or SNMP trap. CIFS Integrity Monitoring is an alternative solution to conventional antivirus software which is suitable for industrial applications. Its main advantage is that there is hardly any load put on the Windows computer so that the system’s real-time properties are not negatively impacted. Regular loading of virus patterns is not required with mGuard.

Industrial virus sensor: CIFS Integrity Monitoring  

The mGuard CIFS Integrity Monitoring function

Stealth mode – security without changing the system

Thanks to the patented stealth mode, the mGuard security module can therefore be integrated into an existing network later on in a completely transparent way. Since mGuard automatically adopts the MAC and IP addresses of the systems to be protected, you do not have to assign additional addresses for managing the mGuard security modules. Furthermore, no modifications to the network configuration need to be made.

Isolating the Windows computer by means of a firewall

mGuard security module with integrated firewall  

mGuard security module with integrated firewall

In order to minimize the security risk posed by a Windows 7 computer in a network, it should be isolated as much as possible from other networks. The mGuard firewall controls and filters communication from and to the systems to be protected using a configurable ruleset. Communication is thereby restricted to the partners, protocols, ports, and connection directions required in order for the entire plant to work.

Our service – your security concept

Network Technology service team  

Our network specialists – here for you

If required, our specialists will check your network and design an individual security concept for your plant based on your requirements. Furthermore, they can provide training for your employees in industrial network security.

If required, you can simply use the contact form at the top right of this page.


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