FPSO and platform supplier

FPSO and platform supplier

Reliable technology on board

Together with Phoenix Contact, establish automation solutions above and below deck.

Efficient automation can be a decisive competitive factor for cost-intensive oil production with FSPOs. The trend is for remote maintenance of ship systems and less technical personnel with an increase in the size of ships. At the same time, maritime certificates and protocols such as SAE J1939, NMEA 2000, RS-323/485, GL or ABS remain important.

The hardware must be able to withstand the harsh conditions and specific functions including, for example, the hundred percent dimming capability of the displays. Here, Phoenix Contact is your experienced partner for reliable automation solutions above and below deck.

Your advantages

  • High-performance and failsafe heave compensation, thanks to redundant control solutions
  • Increased safety on board with seamless integration of gas detectors
  • Flexible operating and monitoring solutions, thanks to IPCs, HMIs, and visualization solutions for shipbuilding

Solutions for heave compensation

Pistons for heave compensation  

Automation solutions for heave compensation

With an automation solution on the basis of applicative system redundancy, you make sure that the heave compensation always ensures the correct position of the ship.

For example, when dynamic positioning is no longer sufficient due to high seas. Secure communication in the network is ensured with MGUARD security routers and VPN technology.

Gas detection

Control cabinet with Axioline control technology  

Redundant system design for safe alarming

Particularly in the oil or gas industry, various gases pose a risk to people and machines. A solution from Phoenix Contact allows seamless integration of sniffers into your communication system.

This ensures immediate alarms and countermeasures in the event of emergency, thanks to redundant design.

Redundant multi-client visualization

HMI for maritime applications  

HMI for maritime applications

With our operation and monitoring solutions, you ensure that the right information is available at the right place. For this purpose, the clients access a redundantly set up server.

You determine the access rights on a central industrial PC as well as which subsets each client should have. The basis for this is hardware and software especially tailored to shipbuilding.

Redundant alarms and monitoring

Systems such as ship's engines, energy generation, rudder systems or fire detection are part of the essential services on board. If they fail, there is a risk to the crew and the ship. In order to be notified of critical situations promptly, redundant alarms and monitoring are installed based on robust control and network technology.

In addition to the essential services, the system also reports on general conditions such as the filling levels of the ballast water or fuel tanks and the drinking water supply.

Redundancy concept for ships  

Redundancy concept for ships


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