Production site monitoring

Production site monitoring

Safe monitoring of oil and gas sources

Improve your system availability by using safe complete solutions for monitoring production sites.

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Use the oil and gas monitor from Phoenix Contact to monitor your oil and gas sources reliably and cost-effectively, even over large distances.

Your advantages

  • Easy startup and reduced installation costs in large systems, thanks to wireless communication
  • Data acquisition from any location, thanks to modules for the ex and non-ex area
  • Secure and interference-free signal transmission via an encrypted and meshed wireless network
  • Possibility of transferring data to a SCADA/DCS system and of displaying the data locally
  • Flexibility in signal connection to process control systems, thanks to the open software interface
  • Easy maintenance and diagnostics options, thanks to wireless transmission of current system data

Monitoring the data in the ex and non-ex area

Oil and gas monitor for production site monitoring  

Complete solution for production site monitoring

The oil and gas monitor is a scalable complete solution for monitoring production sites. Monitoring the pumping station includes recording digital input signals, e.g., valve positions, as well as recording analog signals for temperature, pressure, and flow rate measurement. To transmit the signals from the ex zone, the signals can be forwarded to the Radioline wireless system via MACX signal isolators.

Reliable signal transmission to the control room

Data acquisition in production sites requires an extensive network. For reliable data transmission even over several kilometers, a number of oil and gas monitoring systems can be joined to form a meshed network via which the data can be transmitted to the control room.

Radioline also allows fast setup of meshed networks – directly on the device using a thumbwheel or USB stick. In the event of a fault, the failure of a wireless module is compensated immediately, which means that the whole network does not have to be stopped.

Networking the digital oil field  

Networking the digital oil field

Data visualization

Tablet approved for use in the ex zone for monitoring the production site  

Keeping an eye on the state of the system

In the control room, the acquired data can either be displayed directly or sent to a higher-level SCADA system via open software interfaces.

In order that you can also keep an eye on the individual parts of the system outside the control room, Phoenix Contact offers the Visu+ mobile visualization app, for example. The application for mobile remote diagnostics allows the operator to access information from the production site when in the field using a tablet or smartphone approved for use in the ex zone, thereby allowing maintenance to be carried out as required and in a cost-optimized way.


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