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Remote control of networked industrial PCs with Portico

Portico software box  

Portico remote control software

Portico software allows you to design customized operating and monitoring concepts for controlling machines or processes from different locations. Display the on-screen information from an industrial PC on several operating stations without a server operating system. Then integrate with the machine via these operating stations.

In addition to this multi-user operation, Portico also offers the troubleshooting option on remote systems, e.g., troubleshooting by an OEM on customer machines or processes via the Internet.

The software for multi-user operation

Multi-user operation with Portico  

Distance-independent implementation of multi-user operation

The Portico software is based on a client server architecture. As such, point-to-point communication can be established:

  • Between an individual device and a thin client
  • Between the desktop of an individual device and up to 16 thin clients

A configuration tool enables you to easily manage access rights. Thanks to the unique assignment of access rights, you prevent simultaneous operation and your system is also protected against unauthorized access.

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