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Simple automation with IEC 61850


AXC 1050 Axiocontrol controller  

Robust AXC 1050 Axiocontrol controller

The Axiocontrol controller from Phoenix Contact is now available for efficient, standard-compliant automation in the energy industry.

Data from the field is transmitted to the control room via the controller by means of GOOSE or MMS in a standardized way in accordance with standard 61850. The automation system offers high performance and ease of use and is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. The license on the SD card enables you to activate the communication protocol and quickly develop IEC 61850-compliant interfaces. The controller and the IEC61850 functions are engineered independently of one another. The user can carry out the data modeling for IEC 61850 and use the standard programming languages from the PC Worx automation software separately in order to adapt the control solution to their application.


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