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Active redundancy module as OVP version


Active redundancy module with OVP  

Active redundancy module with OVP

With the new active redundancy module from Phoenix Contact, you will increase the availability of your system through decoupling and monitoring.

The VP version of the S-ORING module decouples supply networks and runs the cable to the consumer redundantly and separately. In combination with the new QUINT POWER power supply units, you can continuously monitor input voltage and the decoupling section. Thanks to preventive function monitoring, the module informs you about the output voltages of the power supply units and defects in the wiring and decoupling section. This allows you to detect critical operating states at an early stage. You can save up to 70% energy by using the S-ORING modules and active decoupling with MOSFET. OVP (overvoltage protection) protects downstream consumers from overvoltages greater than 30 V DC at the output. With 40 A, the module is suitable for DC voltages from 12 to 24 V. The slim 32 mm wide design saves space in the control cabinet. Thanks to the wide temperature range from -40 to +70°C, they can be used flexibly and are suitable for industrial use. With a protective coating and both ATEX and IEC Ex approval, you can also use the module under extreme ambient conditions.


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