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Cloud system for PROFINET simplifies distributed automation


Cloud coupler and cloud controller  

The new PROFICLOUD system simplifies automation across different locations

The new PROFICLOUD system from Phoenix Contact enables easy and secure communication and control of machines and systems across different locations worldwide.

The unique combination of the PROFINET standard and PROFICLOUD services opens up brand new possibilities for automation. The system consists of a coupler, the controller, the PROFICLOUD license, and the PROFICLOUD services. Installation is quick and easy: users build their automation network in their usual development environment. The PROFICLOUD coupler is installed locally and is used to connect the local PROFINET network to the PROFICLOUD via the Internet. At distributed locations, the PROFICLOUD-capable controllers connect to the cloud via the Internet. The distributed devices now appear as local devices in the PROFINET network, without the need for any further configuration or programming. The TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption ensures data security.


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