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FL Network Manager software  

The FL NETWORK MANAGER software has been expanded through the addition of helpful functions

The FL NETWORK MANAGER network management software in its new version 2.0 comes with new, useful functions.

In addition to the already familiar features such as network scan, IP address assignment and multiple firmware update, the software now also supports a multi-device configuration that allows for configuring multiple devices at the same time with just a few clicks. In addition, the software has been expanded by adding SNMP scripting. Thus, all SNMP-capable devices can be configured and diagnosed regardless of their manufacturer. SNMPv3 support makes secure, encrypted communication between your network and the network configuration software possible. Password protection and encryption for individual projects, making them accessible only to authorized persons, further add to security.

As of late October 2018, the FL Network Manager is available as a digital article in the E-Shop, which simplifies license management significantly.

To get a first impression of the software, you have the option of downloading a current version as demo software. In addition, various tutorials are available on YouTube for familiarizing yourself with the software.


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