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Safety relays for new elevator standard


PSRmini safety relays for elevator standard EN 81-20  

PSRmini safety relays for elevator standard EN 81-20

To further improve the already high elevator safety standards, the safety requirements when constructing elevator systems will be tightened in the future.

Elevator controls across Europe must conform to the new higher standards of the EN 81-20 regulation, by the latest on the deadline of 01/09/2017. The new PSR-MC37 safety relay from the PSRmini product range already fulfils the heightened safety requirements. The safe switching device is just 22.5 mm wide and enables you to safely bridge door and locking mechanisms. This standard defines the requirements for construction and the technical properties of elevators. A new guideline states that the potential for risk should be reduced in glass doors, preventing small hands from becoming trapped. Furthermore, all elevators must be equipped with light grids on the doors and ensure improved stopping accuracy. The threshold values when dimensioning air clearances and creepage distances in safety-related circuits have also been increased.


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