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Compact and individually adjustable protection for all applications


CBMC device circuit breakers with LED signaling in stoplight colors  

New CBMC multi-channel electronic circuit breakers

CBMC, the new electronic device circuit breaker, was designed to meet your specific requirements: it combines a compact design and options for individual adjustments.

For you, this means that you can easily and flexibly adjust currents, save space, and reliably protect all applications by means of just one piece of equipment. Reliably protect four channels against overload and short-circuit currents, with the new multi-channel device circuit breakers. Thanks to the compact design, the devices can also be used in existing systems, without re-planning the control cabinet. Adjust the individual circuits without tools via the pushable LED button. Due to the integrated electronic interlock, the values set are reliably protected against unintentional adjustments. The compact CBMC device circuit breakers are available in two versions, 1-4 A and 1-10 A. The 1-4 A version provides optimum protection for cables and sensors as well as NEC Class 2 circuits by means of an adjusted additional internal output fuse. Order the device circuit breakers pre-configured. This means the devices are precisely adjusted to your system and can be installed and connected directly.


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