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Software by Phoenix Contact is now compatible with Windows 10


Software by Phoenix Contact  

Windows 10 compatible software

Phoenix Contact has made its software products for control technology executable on state-of-the-art operating system Windows 10 from Microsoft.

Windows 10 is already used in many industrial companies. This trend is set to continue, due to the high security requirements in the industrial environment. Older operating systems such as Windows XP are no longer maintained by Microsoft, as they are no longer up to meeting increasing security requirements. The following software products are compatible with Windows 10 as of the named version:

  • Products and accessory products for AX Software Suite 2016 1.83, such as PC Worx 6.30, SafetyProg 3.40, Visu+ / Visu+ Express 2.42, WebVisit 6.30, AX OPC Server 3.0.96, Config+ 1.60, Diag+ 2.60, Diag+ NetScan 1.50
  • Tools and application interfaces, such as PC Worx Firmware Updater 2.1 and UA Server 1.10, PLCI 1.10, HFI 3.20, PCI driver for Windows 8/10 (32 bit/64 bit)
  • Technology components, such as Multiprog 5.51, Safeprog 3.40


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