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Combining measurement data with artificial intelligence

Combining measurement data with artificial intelligence

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance on the machine  

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Knowing today what may happen tomorrow—in the maintenance department, this is an ambitious request. However, it is possible to provide more data from the field today than in the past. And if the data is linked to web services, it is possible to prevent or reduce system shutdowns by using these analyses. Below, you will find various concepts we have implemented for our customers and a few key products.

We would be happy to take a look at your plant and offer you a customized plan.

AR supports maintenance work

We are completely immersing ourselves in the subject and are already collecting our first experiences in our Tool Construction and Facility Management departments. Our first step has already been taken.

New perspectives are opening up. Just take a look.

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Technical applications from practice

It is not just mechanical wear that can cause pipeline leaks, more often it is due to unauthorized access. Especially if the pipeline is used to transport fuel, it becomes a popular target for thieves.

This is the Phoenix Contact solution:

  • A measuring station that measures the temperature, pressure and flow, is installed every 60 km.
  • Implementation of a small-scale controller in the measuring station that is synchronized in time via the NTP and that assigns an accurate time stamp to the measurement data.
  • Secure data transmission to the PipePatrol server via the Internet using a VPN tunnel.
  • The PipePatrol analysis software, provided by our partner KROHNE, is used in the control center.

A complete solution that reliably records loss quantities of just 0.3 m3 and that determines and reports the location and time of the error. Operation can now be implemented in a timely and targeted manner.

Older trace heaters are often only connected to the power grid via one fuse. Once it fails, it remains unnoticed which in the worst case scenario can lead to a system downtime.

This can be prevented by simply monitoring the current of the heater using current transducers from Phoenix Contact. The measuring signals are transmitted to the control center via the Radioline wireless system without any extensive cabling. The intelligent mesh system, excellent data encryption and high standard of the Radioline wireless system guarantee a reliable transmission of the measuring signals.

As part of the NOA concept from NAMUR, the automation pyramid is extended by a side channel. This ensures that process data can be safely transferred from the system to secondary services without any impact.

The term "data diode" refers to only permitting data to flow in one direction. Such a data diode can be implemented with our HART-Gateway. It can be connected to HART-compatible sensors via a branch line to only read the measurement data. In combination with a PLCnext controller, the measurement data is transferred to a cloud or made available to other systems on an OPC UA server.

With its integrated gateway, the new PLCnext controller allows a very easy cloud connection for process data from the field.

In three simple steps:

  • Step 1: In the new Engineering Suite PC Worx Engineer select the checkbox for the variable that should appear in the cloud.
  • Step 2: Establish an Internet connection for the controller. Easiest connection is via the 3G router.
  • Step 3: In the cloud, enter the UUID printed on the controller and the data will appear.


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