Mechanical precleaning

Mechanical precleaning

Efficient preliminary treatment

Benefit from reliable solutions that ensure that mechanical precleaning is carried out smoothly.

The contaminated environment at the wastewater contact point necessitates particularly robust hardware that is adapted to the circumstances. A reliable control and monitoring system is needed to ensure low-maintenance operation.

Phoenix Contact provides solutions that satisfy these high demands and ensure that the process operates seamlessly. Included among these are modular control solutions, intrinsically safe input and output modules, communication solutions, and a software library developed specially for the water industry.

Your advantages

  • Quick and easy: Closed-loop control and actuation of field devices using pre-programmed software blocks
  • Communication solutions for any infrastructure with technology for the Ex area
  • State-of-the-art technology with continuous development of the Water Functions software library

Intrinsically safe signal acquisition

I/Os for intrinsically safe signal acquisition  

Safe signal acquisition in Ex areas

In potentially explosive areas such as in the coarse and fine screen utilities, safe signal acquisition is necessary. To this end, Phoenix Contact provides a comprehensive product range for the Ex area. You can install you I/O station easily and safely in zone 2. The sensors and actuators are separated from this and can be installed in zone 0, 1, or 2, depending on requirements.

Consistent process automation, from the field level through to the control center

Thanks to the cooperation with manufacturers of industry-specific field devices such as frequency converters and various measuring devices, the Phoenix Contact Water Functions library ensures convenient integration into your infrastructure. The functional scope of the process library is continuously being expanded to keep pace with the current state of technology.

Benefit from versatile options to securely connect your distributed stations to the control room. Gain central access and perform continuous monitoring of your process data right from the control center.

Solutions for plant engineering

Plant engineering in water management  

Plant engineering with Water Functions

Ensure the availability of your system with certified functionality adapted to water management. The Water Functions software library facilitates quick and easy engineering. Pre-programmed function blocks ensure quick and easy closed-loop control and actuation of field devices. Water Functions has a modular function block concept, which makes it ideal for flexible use. We provide the ability to address individual needs, particularly in the field of control cabinet manufacturing. Thanks to an extensive range of function blocks, you can efficiently develop and easily implement your own concepts.

Reliable wireless communication

Wireless module for wireless communication in the wastewater treatment plant  

Reliable communication via Trusted Wireless 2.0

Phoenix Contact offers solutions for the wireless control of moving system parts, such as those in the grit chamber, using powerful wireless connections with Trusted Wireless 2.0.

Benefit from the advantages of quick and easy startup without programming, thanks to easy address assignment of input and output modules.

Standardized connection of frequency inverters via PROFINET

Grit chamber and grease trap  

Connecting frequency inverters via PROFINET

In the grit chamber and grease trap, the high availability of the drive technology is essential, as the fans must continue to operate uninterrupted in order to maintain the flow velocity. This is the only way to ensure sedimentation of suspended solids.

Connecting the frequency inverters with cutting-edge PROFINET technology ensures standardized and reliable integration into the automation system.


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