Predictive Maintenance – Holistic monitoring of pumps and motors


Pumps and motors  

Holistic pump and motor monitoring

  • Digitalization enables new concepts for optimizing maintenance and energy management
  • The PumpMonitor from Phoenix Contact is a solution for the predictive maintenance of your pumps and systems
  • PumpMonitor enables you to extend the lifetime of your system and to reduce the energy costs


Water pump  

Predictive Maintenance enables efficient system operation

There are various reasons for adapting maintenance methods in both industry and in municipal water management.

Maintaining decentralized system components such as pumps and motors takes up a great deal of time and money. The values which are read off only sporadically only provide an insufficient overview of the current system status. Faulty pump or motor settings are therefore not detected immediately upon these occurring. This often results in increased energy costs and premature wearing of the system.

Digitalization is also opening up new opportunities in the water and wastewater treatment industry for the consideration and optimization of maintenance and energy management. In recent years, Predictive Maintenance has established itself as a new approach to maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance describes the permanent monitoring of systems and assemblies via state-of-the-art sensors. Indications of wear are detected in good time and further damages and failures are avoided. System operators benefit from increased system availability and reduced maintenance costs.


Web visualization  

Web visualization of the current system status

Phoenix Contact provides an installation-ready control cabinet solution for the easy implementation of Predictive Maintenance for your system.

The actual requirement for maintaining your pumps and motors is determined by the continuous monitoring of relevant measured variables. Along with mechanical and electrical measured values, hydrodynamic values such as bearing and machine vibrations are also monitored via an integrated sensor module. Thus, the status of your system parts can be judged holistically. Impending turbulences and cavitations can be identified and avoided at an early stage by optimizing the capacity utilization of the pumps and motors. The energy-efficient operation of pumps and motors also reduces energy consumption and energy costs.

Thanks to the connection to your superordinate control system and integrated web visualization, you can monitor the condition of your pumps and motors online at any time, regardless of location. Excessive time and personnel costs due to plant inspections are eliminated. PumpMonitor enables you to react immediately in the event of a fault and to counteract any potential wear or the failure of your system.

PumpMonitor control cabinet  

Easy implementation of Predictive Maintenance for your system

Your advantages

  • Minimization of maintenance and repair work, thanks to predictive maintenance taking mechanical, electrical, and hydrodynamic variables into consideration
  • Reduction of energy consumption, through the assimilation of system efficiency and best-fit point consideration
  • Increase in system availability, through vibration and bearing image analysis

Technical data

Further information on our Predictive Maintenance solution is to be found in the e-shop.


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