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Applications and solutions

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Chemical and pharmaceutical

  • Cloud-based field monitoring
    Cloud-based field monitoring

    With the HART gateway from Phoenix Contact, HART-compatible sensors are connected via branch line to ensure that the measured data can be read out easily in existing structures.

  • Digital twin
    Digital twin

    The digital plant twin allows you to optimize your maintenance activities by comparing the As Planned and As Built state of your field devices.

  • Emergency shower monitoring
    Emergency shower monitoring

    Central monitoring with Phoenix Contact reduces the need for regular inspections and ensures that the emergency showers also function immediately after the last regular inspection.

  • Field wiring with junction boxes
    Efficient field wiring with junction boxes

    Alongside an extensive portfolio of modular terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact is now also offering a range of stainless steel housing.

  • Fieldbus communication via existing master cable
    Fieldbus communication via existing master cable

    Modern fieldbus communication uses free cores from existing conductors in master cable installation.

  • Fieldbus installation – easy maintenance and extension
    Fieldbus installation – easy maintenance and extension

    When it comes to designing fieldbus installations in process engineering, availability plays a crucial role.

  • Fill level monitoring
    Fill level monitoring

    With the solution from Phoenix Contact, you always have the fill levels, temperature, and pressure in view at all times.

  • Leak monitoring
    Leak monitoring

    Pipeline leaks can have serious consequences. Common causes are not just wear, but also unauthorized access.

  • Pump and motor monitoring
    Pumps and motors

    Phoenix Contact enables you to perform predictive maintenance on pumps and motors in order to increase system availability.

  • Redundancy concepts for the auxiliary voltage supply
    Redundancy concepts for the auxiliary voltage supply

    A consistently redundant auxiliary voltage supply from the mains to the load ensures availability of process engineering systems.

  • Tailored signal marshalling
    Tailored signal marshalling saves space in the switch room

    Reduce the size of the switch room with compact marshalling concepts for process engineering.

  • Trace heating monitoring
    Trace heating monitoring

    With the solutions from Phoenix Contact, you have a precise overview of the status of your medium at all times.

  • Valve position monitoring
    Valve position monitoring

    Hand valves are used in large numbers in processing plants. Many existing systems have been operating successfully and effectively for years with hand valves.

  • Well and inspection shaft monitoring
    Well and inspection shaft monitoring

    In a widely distributed network of wells and inspection shafts, water levels, the quality of the groundwater, and also sabotage beyond the treatment plant, for example, are monitored regularly.

Oil and gas

With our industry expertise and comprehensive range of services, we will meet the demanding challenges of your process applications. Our customized and certified solutions ensure failsafe performance and increased efficiency.


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