Maximum availability

Phoenix Contact is your expert partner for scalable solutions, with which you can minimize system downtimes.

System availability is the key factor when integrating fieldbus systems for automation in process control systems. This applies both to PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

As a partner with experience in this sector, Phoenix Contact provides you with scalable solutions. Solutions that increase system availability by minimizing the results of an error in the sector. You can, for example, replace or extend signal conditioners during an ongoing process without affecting communication to the fieldbus node.

Your advantages

  • Maximum availability in the event of an error, thanks to components with hot-swap capability
  • Quick installation, thanks to the ready-to-mount, prewired field connection boxes
  • Space-saving marshalling of many signals, thanks to wiring solutions such as Termination Carriers

Junction boxes

Junction box in application  

Fully installed junction boxes for the ex area

Junction boxes are our ready-to-install control boxes for realizing a variety of connections at field level.

Junction boxes are either prefabricated and can be specifically adjusted by you or are fully equipped with all signal conditioners and completely wired. They are also suitable for use in the ex area.

Solutions for PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Control cabinet for communication via PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus  

Solutions for communication via FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA

You will find ready-wired solutions for reliable and seamless communication via FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA.

This allows you to save time during installation and ensures availability of the system, thanks to the hot-swap capability of the components. Versions with 24 V DC distribution are also available for 4-wire fieldbus devices.

Termination Carrier

Termination Carrier  

Termination Carriers for marshalling signals

Up to 10,000 signals accumulate in process technology systems. This increases the demand for efficient options for fast and error-free marshalling.

Termination Carriers from Phoenix Contact are the right wiring solution for save-spacing and manageable connection of a large number of signals to the process control system.

Marshalling setup for intrinsically safe signals

Reduce the number of control cabinets by increasing the signal and packing density. With our solutions for signal marshalling from the ex area, to cross marshalling with Interface modules, through to I/O cards of the DCS, everything remains manageable and you save space. Innovative marking solutions, even for the ex area, round off the package.

Marshalling setup for intrinsically safe signals  

Space-saving solutions from Phoenix Contact for signal marshalling


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