Cargo hold

Cargo hold

High requirements on the high seas

We offer solutions for the cargo hold that are reliable, failsafe, and approved for marine use.

In the cargo hold, reliable and failsafe control of basic functions, such as work lighting, must be ensured in order to avoid hazards and ensure smooth operation. A reliable tank and ballast water system is also indispensable to ensure the stability of the vessel on every voyage.

Phoenix Contact offers solutions approved for marine use for controlling lighting systems, the hydraulics, as well as for tank and ballast water management.

Your advantages

  • Cost-effective and high-availability connection of distributed I/O modules to the control system
  • Open interface and flexible turnkey solutions
  • Distributed monitoring in the control system possible at all times, thanks to integrated web server

Energy-efficient lighting solutions

Lighting in the cargo hold  

Lighting in the cargo hold that is in line with requirements

Phoenix Contact offers inexpensive and energy-efficient solutions for hold lighting. Easy integration into the overall network is possible thanks to control by means of the integrated web server.

Distributed stations on vessels can therefore be reliably controlled and monitored at all times.

High-availability automation for the hydraulics

Ship with open loading ramp  

Reliable control of loading ramps

Automated hydraulics are required for the fast loading and unloading of freight. This avoids long periods in port.

In order to ensure the safety of personnel on board, it must also be possible to open and close loading ramps reliably at all times. Phoenix Contact offers redundant control systems for this.

Tank and ballast water management

Monitoring system for storage and cargo tanks  

Monitoring the level of storage and cargo tanks

Reliable monitoring of the level of storage and cargo tanks is indispensable.

Phoenix Contact offers a stand-alone system to prevent the overfilling of tanks. Two control units form a redundant system: a pre-alarm at 95% signals that the fill rate has been reduced. The main alarm at 98% indicates that filling has been stopped.

Modular and open interface control systems for every application using the hydraulics as an example

Whether Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, CANopen®, NMEA or 4 … 20 mA: Phoenix Contact offers modular and open interface solutions for your application.

For stern ramps, hatch and ramp covers, doors, and movable car decks, use solutions from Phoenix Contact to ensure high-availability communication between the distributed systems and the control room. This means that, in the event of an emergency, all systems can be operated without having to switch to manual operation.

Topology: modular and open interface control systems  

High-availability communication between distributed systems and the control room


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