Engine room

Engine room

Gather way

Ensure the high-availability and efficient operation of motors and drives through the use of redundant systems.

Reliable control of the engine room is essential for smooth operation of the vessel. With redundant systems based on PROFINET, Phoenix Contact ensures the safe and high-availability operation of motors and drives. The PC Worx software supports easy programming according to IEC 61131 and reliably forwards the acquired values from the controller to the control room.

Your advantages

  • Easy connection, thanks to numerous non-proprietary communication protocols
  • I/O points can be extended without any cabling effort
  • Distributed concepts for reduced cabling effort, thanks to nearby I/O points at the sensor

Machine control system with SAE J1939

Engine room on a submarine  

Reliable control of motors and drives

For smooth operation in the engine room, you need a reliable control solution. This can be implemented using our comprehensive solutions for the automation of motors and drives.

Thanks to open interfaces, you can still be flexible when it comes to the connection of your machinery. With the J1939 CAN-based communication protocol, you have an overview of the complex processes in your engine room at all times.

GPS communication in accordance with NMEA 2000

Solutions for navigation  

Easy integration of navigation data

Thanks to GPS communication in accordance with NMEA 2000, the navigation data of the ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) can be easily integrated in your automation system, without requiring additional gateways.

NMEA 0183 data acquisition

NMEA Converter web interface   

Web solution for data transmission in accordance with NMEA 0183

The voyage data recorder (VDR) gathers important data from the sensors on board vessels. This data is essential for evaluating maritime accidents and disasters, which means that only robust and approved components may be used.

Phoenix Contact offers the ideal solution for data acquisition in accordance with NMEA 0183.

Connection of voyage data recorders in accordance with NMEA 0183

NMEA 0183 is a defined standard for communication between navigation equipment on vessels. Important voyage data recorders (also referred to as VDRs or black boxes) have a NMEA 0183 input which is not compatible with most standard sensors.

Using special function blocks from Phoenix Contact, the signals from the sensors are acquired via control technology, scaled, and then forwarded to the black box using the NMEA 0183 protocol. Startup is simply by means of web parameterization and does not involve much programming effort. Communication can be established cost-effectively between voyage data recorders and the sensors as the number of Inline input terminals can be optimally adapted to the application.

Topology: connection of voyage data recorders in accordance with NMEA 0183  

Standardized communication with voyage data recorders using NMEA 0183


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