Reliable connection solutions for modern LED lighting


Intelligent street lighting in Bielefeld, Germany  

LED lighting, controllers, and sensor technology intelligently combined to ensure needs-based street lighting

  • WE-EF Leuchten GmbH produces lights for all outdoor applications.
  • Depending on the field of application, modern light sources contribute to safety, well-being, and convenience on streets and in buildings.
  • When developing its external lighting, the company relies exclusively on LED technology.
  • Connection solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure that the lights are user-friendly, reliable, and durable.

Customer profile

WE-EF Leuchten GmbH, based in Bispingen in the Lower Saxony region of Germany, produces lights for all outdoor applications and also for areas that demand particularly well-protected lights. The company focuses on architectural lighting as well as street and public-space lighting. The product range includes mast and pendant lights, wall and ceiling lights, bollard and pedestal lights, spotlights, floodlights and searchlights, and recessed and underwater lights.


Peter Oetjens, Head of Electromechanical Development at WE-EF Leuchten  

Peter Oetjens, Head of Electromechanical Development, demonstrates a WE-EF light with QPD connection

In addition to the intelligent LED driver, WE-EF also wanted to integrate a communication module into its new LED street lights for transmitting data gathered by the integrated sensor technology. “We completely redesigned the luminaire system controller for a project in Bielefeld,” explains Peter Oetjens, Head of Electromechanical Development. “The electronics were not to be mounted on the mast, as is usually case, but directly on the light housing.” The electronic design follows the specifications of the ZHAGA consortium in accordance with Book 18. Planners and installers can be sure that the electrical system, and therefore, the installation, works uniformly worldwide.


The WE-EF designers implemented the power cabling for the lights using the QPD fast installation system from Phoenix Contact. The advantage of the user-friendly principle is that with the proven QUICKON IDC fast connection, the installers can connect the cables on-site without any pretreatment or special tools. This means that the electrical connection can be established reliably and in practically no time at all.

Connected in just a few steps  

Installers reduce connection times by up to 80 percent with the QPD fast installation system

In just a few simple steps, the individual litz wires are pulled into the prefabricated wire guides of the connector, the insulation there is cut through automatically, and the electrical contact is established reliably. When the union nut is tightened, the connector also automatically puts strain relief in place. The principle shortens connection times by up to 80 percent and reliably prevents connection errors. The core idea is that the solution can be put into operation easily without having to open the light or the electrical system to make the connection. “Nowadays, QPD is indispensable for this functionality,” says Oetjens.

Easily mounted and of the highest level of reliability – these criteria were also critical for the electrical inner workings of the mast lights. Although the mounted products withstand wind and weather for decades, the integrated electrical system requires a great deal of design expertise and finesse.

After all, the high-performance LEDs on the printed circuit board – up to 144 units depending on the version of the light – are sometimes a mere 0.2 mm apart. “With such small clearances, molecular forces come into effect that can pull the LEDs towards each other during the soldering process,” says Oetjens, explaining the challenge. The high cost pressure in manufacturing LED printed circuit boards means that there are no alternatives to efficient, automated soldering processes. “Elaborate manual assembly is a thing of the past.”

Specially designed for use in LED lights  

PCB terminal blocks (left) and PCB connectors of the PTSM 0,5 series are compact, SMT-suitable and colorfast

PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors of the PTSM 0,5 series have quickly emerged as the ideal connection solution. The series was designed specifically for use in LED lights and has three enormous advantages. First, the headers and terminals remain colorfast under thermal stress, and can therefore be attached together with the LEDs in the SMT process on the PCB. Moreover, the white components do not form a color contrast to the white solder mask, and can therefore not be seen as a visible component behind the transparent cover.


Active electronic components such as LED drivers and controllers turn LED lights into intelligent lighting concepts. Passive electromechanics ensure that these lighting concepts can be manufactured efficiently, wired securely, and operated reliably. Three good reasons why the WE-EF light manufacturer based in Bispingen relies on the QPD fast installation system and PCB connections of the PTSM 0,5 series. “Other companies can produce hardware too. But for us, the potential lies above all in the range of functions and service,” says Peter Oetjens. “My vision? I would like all of our lights to be intelligent and network-capable.”


Product typeDescriptionOrder designationOrder No.
SKEDD direct connectorsingle row, 3-positionSDC 2,5/3-PV-5,01864040
 double row, 11-positionSDDC 1,5/11-PV-3,51848736
PCB terminal blocks4-positionSPT 2,5/4-V-5,01991118
 3-positionSPT 2,5/3-V-5,01991105
 8-positionPTSM 0,5/8-2,5-V-THR1771017
PCB headers2-positionMSTBVA 2,5/2-G-5,081755736
 3-positionMSTBVA 2,5/3-G-5,081755749
 4-positionMSTBVA 2,5/4-G-5,081755752
 8-positionMSTBVA 2,5/8-G-5,081755794
 9-positionMSTBVA 2,5/9-G-5,081755804
 14-positionMSTBVA 2,5/14-G-5,081755859
PCB connectors2-positionMVSTBR 2,5/2-ST-5,081792249
 3-positionMVSTBR 2,5/3-ST-5,081792252
 4-positionMVSTBR 2,5/4-ST-5,081792265
 5-positionMVSTBR 2,5/5-ST-5,081792278
 2-positionMC 1,5/2-ST-3,51840366
Product typeDescriptionOrder designationOrder No.
SKEDD direct connectorsingle row, 3-positionSDC 2,5/3-PV-5,0
 double row, 11-positionSDDC 1,5/11-PV-3,5
PCB terminal blocks4-positionSPT 2,5/4-V-5,0
 3-positionSPT 2,5/3-V-5,0
 8-positionPTSM 0,5/8-2,5-V-THR
PCB headers2-positionMSTBVA 2,5/2-G-5,08
 3-positionMSTBVA 2,5/3-G-5,08
 4-positionMSTBVA 2,5/4-G-5,08
 8-positionMSTBVA 2,5/8-G-5,08
 9-positionMSTBVA 2,5/9-G-5,08
 14-positionMSTBVA 2,5/14-G-5,08
PCB connectors2-positionMVSTBR 2,5/2-ST-5,08
 3-positionMVSTBR 2,5/3-ST-5,08
 4-positionMVSTBR 2,5/4-ST-5,08
 5-positionMVSTBR 2,5/5-ST-5,08
 2-positionMC 1,5/2-ST-3,5


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