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By participating in the seminar, you will gain the necessary know-how to implement EN ISO 13849 and to use the SISTEMA software utility in practice, which provides help with the evaluation of the safety of control systems.

EMC Directive and Low-Voltage Directive

The revised editions of the EMC Directive (electromagnetic compatibility) and the Low-Voltage Directive came into force on April 20, 2016. This seminar will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the processes and methods that are currently required in order to achieve conformity with the directives. Furthermore, we will explain the legal context and the new relevant terminology. You will learn about the differences compared to the previous editions. The risk analysis and assessment that are required by both updated directives are an important aspect here.

Description Language
EMC Directive and Low-Voltage Directive [PDF, 0.11 MB]
Half-day seminar

Implementation of EN ISO 13849-1

This seminar teaches you how to implement safety-related parts of the controller and determine reliability for safety functions in the form of the performance level. This is described in EN ISO 13849-1. In addition to the suitable hardware structures for safety controllers, you will learn about the process of creating safe software. After completing the course, you will be able to determine the required performance level of a safety controller and identify the necessary interfaces for the mechanics. You will be able to optimally configure safety controllers and will be familiar with both the basics and the procedure for calculating the achieved performance level. In addition, you will have an overview of the options available in the SISTEMA software, a tool used to evaluate safety functions.

Description Language Updated
Implementation of EN ISO 13849-1 [PDF, 0.15 MB]
One-day seminar
English 12.10.2015

SISTEMA user course

Following participation in this user seminar you will have gained the necessary knowledge to optimally work with SISTEMA software. SISTEMA is a software tool for evaluating safety functions, which is available free of charge from the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (BGIA). The tool offers comprehensive assistance in the application of EN ISO 13849-1 to determine a performance level.

Description Language Updated
SISTEMA software utility [PDF, 0.12 MB]
One-day seminar
English 12.10.2015

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