Functional safety

Functional safety

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Safety with Phoenix Contact means safety for people and machines.

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  • Standards and directives
    Standards and directives

    In the field of functional safety, compliance with standards and directives is necessary in order to conform to the required safety level. Phoenix Contact helps you grasp the various safety requirements.

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    Here you will find a clear and concise explanation of the key terms for functional safety.

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    FAQs concerning functional safety

    The answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

  • Training

    Phoenix Contact offers certified training courses on the topic of functional safety, such as the FS Technician for Machinery with TÜV Rheinland certificate

What is functional safety?

As a developer and manufacturer of intelligent systems, you face a major challenge: no matter how sophisticated a system is, it poses serious risks for its immediate environment. The standards and directives governing functional safety mean reliable protection for people, the environment, and machinery. They describe how to manage risks by means of automated safety systems. Functional safety operates in an environment regulated by law. One of the main standards is EN ISO 13849-1, which governs the safety requirements which must be met by machinery. Important parameters for the reliability of safety-related functions are the safety integrity level (SIL) and the performance level (PL).

Machinery Directive: Requirements for the safety of machinery

The EC Machinery Directive contains essential health and safety requirements. It aims to reduce the number of accidents that occur when using machinery. The directive therefore requires that the aspect of safety is included in the design of the system and construction of machinery.

A CE mark is required in order for a system to be placed on the market and operated in the European Economic Area. It is only when these requirements are met in full that machines are allowed to bear the CE mark. What's more, this applies to all machinery: from large production plants used in industry to kitchen appliances.

In order to achieve functional safety, defined measures must be taken. A risk assessment determines the type and extent of the safety functions required. The requirements for the safety of machinery are described with the 3-stage method in the Machinery Directive.

Safety advice from risk assessment through to the certified system

For you as a manufacturer, integrating safety functions into machinery involves additional work. Phoenix Contact will lend support here by providing advice tailored to your requirements. Regardless of manufacturer, the TÜV-certified functional safety experts at Phoenix Contact are on hand to assist you with the planning, construction, modification, completion, and operation of machinery throughout the safety lifecycle.

In addition, discover our comprehensive range of products and solutions for functional safety. Safety switches, safety relays, and safe controllers enable the easy startup and configuration of your system. This means that you can concentrate on your core capabilities, safe in the knowledge that the statutory requirements will be satisfied and safe operation of your system ensured.

Know-how in safety

Work activities in an increasingly networked and intelligent factory must be regulated by functional safety mechanisms in such a way that failures or potential hazardous situations can be managed. This is best achieved by means of a tailored safety concept. The specialist field of functional safety is constantly changing in response to new challenges in the industry.

With changes being made to standards and new technologies emerging, Phoenix Contact is committed to helping you keep pace with the latest developments. In collaboration with GIT SICHERHEIT, the magazine for safety and security, Phoenix Contact talks about the trends and changes in the safety market – and what you as a machine operator or manufacturer need to know.


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