Industrial identification

Industrial identification

Industrial identification the easy way

From us, you can find the right marking process for every application.

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  • UV LED technology
    UV LED technology

    One printing process offering both high flexibility and resistance at a low cost is printing with UV-curing ink.

  • Laser technology
    Laser technology

    During laser marking, a focused laser beam is guided over the component to be marked.

  • Thermal transfer technology
    Thermal transfer technology

    In thermal transfer printing, a special, multi-layer ink ribbon is fed between the print head and the component.

  • RFID technology
    RFID technology

    RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and means that objects can be identified without physical or visual contact.

  • Areas of application
    Areas of application

    Learn more about the areas of application for marking and labeling systems from Phoenix Contact.

  • Material

    The widest range of material can be marked with the help of digital print processes.

  • Norms and standards
    Norms and standards

    Norms and standards from the marking and labeling sector

  • References

    Develop your tailored identification solution together with our experts

Your advantages

  • The right printing and marking technology for every application
  • Save costs and equipment, thanks to innovative marking processes
  • Versatile marking: Mark plates and labels made from plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Long-term stability and safe marking, thanks to high-quality materials
  • Marking and identification with powerful RFID technology

An example of innovation: The BLUEMARK ID UV LED printer

BLUEMARK ID: High-speed printer with UV LED technology  

BLUEMARK ID: High-speed printer with UV LED technology

Our high-speed printer with modern UV LED technology uses a special printing method. The method is similar to the inkjet printing process.

Special fluid
The BLUEMARK ID uses a special fluid made from liquid plastic with embedded ink particles. It is hardened by UV light. The marking is therefore immediately wipe- and scratch-proof.

The BLUEMARK ID generates zero emissions with its special fluid. This is quite different from the emissions from inks containing solvents, which are emitted into the environment.


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