Switches and proxies

The relevant system properties of PROFINET are also shaped to a large degree by the network technology. Our network components therefore provide the ideal basis for your PROFINET system.

The switch as a PROFINET device

PROFINET network with a switch as a device  

The switch sends PROFINET alarms directly to the controller

In an Ethernet-based automation network, the role played by switches is becoming increasingly important, as they are part of the automation solution. Just like a switch integrated in the I/O device, a separate switch has information regarding error states in the network and must be able to send this information to the controller.

The easiest way to send this diagnostic information to the controller is to use PROFINET alarms. The switch then becomes a PROFINET device, it is assigned a device name, and can communicate directly with the controller should diagnostics be required. However, if a switch in the automation solution is better suited to integration into the higher-level IT network, it can also be operated in Ethernet mode.

Gateways and proxies

Gateways and proxies facilitate the coupling of fieldbus systems such as INTERBUS and PROFIBUS to PROFINET. This enables an uninterrupted flow of information and makes the connection of fieldbus islands and the migration of whole system components to the PROFINET environment possible without additional programming.


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