Lightning monitoring system

Lightning current detection

Detect and evaluate lightning currents

Keep constant track of your systems and respond quickly to loads

Lightning strikes cause devastating damage to buildings and systems. It is practically impossible for employees to continuously monitor exposed or large-scale systems, which means that damage is detected too late. For early detection and evaluation of lightning strikes, the LM-S lightning monitoring system is available from Phoenix Contact. The following pages will show you how the system works and the possible areas of application.

White paper on the lightning monitoring system

Lightning monitoring system white paper

Lightning monitoring system white paper

Find out about the functional principle of the magneto-optic effect in our white paper entitled “Detecting and measuring lightning currents”. 

Gain an overview of this effect and check whether the system is suitable for condition-optimized maintenance. 


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LM-S lightning monitoring system

LM-S monitors Guangxi wind farm with a power output of 1.5 MW.

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