Connection technologies

Connection technologies

For signals, data, and power

We will always have the right connection technology for your chosen application.

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  • Screw connection
    Screw connection

    The screw connection technology from Phoenix Contact features maintenance-free conductor connection and offers maximum versatility with the multi-conductor connection.

  • Spring connection
    Spring connection

    The spring connection technology from Phoenix Contact offers highly convenient connection and intuitive operation.

  • Displacement connection
    Displacement connection

    QUICKON fast connection technology from Phoenix Contact features a space-saving twist connection with patented insulation displacement contact.

  • Pierce connection
    Pierce connection

    The pierce connection from Phoenix Contact is a reliable connection technology that does not require conductor pretreatment.

  • Crimp connection
    Crimp connection

    Crimp connection technology from Phoenix Contact enables fast, automated connection for cables that have to be assembled in large volumes.

  • Bolt connection
    Bolt connection

    Bolt connection technology was specifically developed for the convenient wiring of ring and fork-type cable lugs.

Your advantages

  • The right connection technology for every application
  • Quick and easy conductor connection, thanks to innovative design features
  • Safe electrical connection with long-term stability, thanks to high-quality materials

An innovative solution: Push-in connection technology

Push-in connection technology was developed for direct conductor connection: Solid conductors or conductors with ferrules can be directly contacted with the conductor connection without any tools.

The special spring profile enables the easy insertion of conductors with ferrules from 0.25 mm² or higher. Low insertion force makes wiring significantly easier. The spring is opened by a push button either to release conductors or connect stranded conductors without ferrule from 0.14 mm² – easily and without direct contact with live parts.

The special contact spring, manufactured out of high-quality spring steel, ensures maximum contact and conductor pull-out forces and vibration-resistant and gas-tight contacting.


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