Advanced Shielding Technology from Phoenix Contact

Advanced Shielding Technology

AST is the synonym for totally protected shielded connectors. Learn more about how this technology works.

Seamless shielding concept

Manufacturing processes with pre- and metal-molding  

Manufacturing processes with pre- and metal-molding

Advanced Shielding Technology is the synonym for totally protected shielding. Even when exposed to extreme environmental influences, such as the highest mechanical loads or lightning strike, the 360° shield connection protects your data, signal, and power transmission.

The pre- and metal molding implemented during the innovative and automated production processes of assembled M8 and M12 connectors with Advanced Shielding Technology improve the shielding performance.

The pre-molding of the base plate connected to the cable with polyamide guarantees extreme mechanical stability on applications with axial loads. Specially developed tin for the electrical and mechanical demands guarantees the secure and reliable 360° shield connection.

The comprehensive and complete connection of the shielding braid and plug also guarantees absolutely secure EMC protection, optimum heat dissipation, and a resistance to overvoltages and current peaks.


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Advanced Shielding Technology

Totally protected shielding for assembled connectors.