Tower lighting for wind turbine generators

Complete system for tower lighting in wind turbine generators

Maintenance-free tower lighting

Benefit from a complete system for the illumination of systems, from the uninterruptible power supply to LED lights.

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    Tower lighting for wind turbine generators

    Complete system for tower lighting of wind turbine generators, from the uninterruptible power supply to LED lights.

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With the system for tower lighting in wind turbine generators, you can ensure a comfortable working environment for service technicians, as well as their safe descent in the event of power failure.

Your advantages

  • Servicing can be planned, thanks to remote monitoring
  • Maintenance-free lighting, thanks to LED lights with a service life of around 50,000 hours
  • Quick and easy installation of the lighting solution without special tools
  • Safe escape route lighting, thanks to central power supply via an uninterruptible power supply

Maintenance-free operation

UPS box  

The UPS permanently communicates with the battery modules for preventive monitoring

In order to ensure the safety of employees in wind turbine generators, the towers must be illuminated safely. Maintenance-free LED lights are used for this. This eliminates the work of having to regularly check and possibly replace all the lamps distributed over the tower and nacelle.

The LED lights are supplied centrally by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installed in the tower base. Even before climbing the tower, the service technician can find out the state of the UPS and the batteries. 

Reliable lighting even in an emergency

LED lights in the wind tower  

The LED lights conform to all common standards

The same lamp is used for working light and for emergency lighting. The powerful LED modules, which conform to the relevant standard EN 50308 and are particularly suitable for installation in wind turbine generators, provide good luminous intensity even at low temperatures. 

Thanks to a service life of 50,000 hours, the lights do not generally have to be replaced. Due to the low current consumption of the LED technology, the lights also function as emergency lighting that is supplied via a central battery. There is therefore always enough light available in the wind turbine generator for the service technician to safely descend without any danger.

Quick installation without special tools

QPD installation system  

Thanks to the use of special connector technology the tower lighting can be wired easily

When it comes to installing the lighting in the wind turbine generator tower, time-saving and easy wiring is essential. 

The lighting solution from Phoenix Contact is therefore equipped with the QPD installation system, which enables the inexpensive connection of the individual components. All you need to do is connect the pre-assembled cable harness. On-site wiring, which was previously a laborious and therefore time-consuming task, has now been transformed into a simple Plug and Play solution.


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