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Maximum signal quality with minimal space requirements

Space saving thanks to low design width  

Up to 65% space saving with MINI Analog

Record temperatures and isolate, convert, filter, and amplify signals – with a design width of just 6.2 mm. With the narrow MINI Analog modules you can save up to 65% space compared to other signal conditioners on the market that have a design width of 12.5 mm to 22.5 mm.

Thanks to the compact design, you can house the modules in distributed 120 mm control boxes.

High energy efficiency and long service life

Low self-heating with MINI Analog  

Long service life, thanks to low self-heating

With MINI Analog, energy efficiency in your automation processes starts in the control cabinet: the modules feature low power consumption, thanks to their innovative circuit design.

As a result the modules heat up less and therefore have a longer life. You can therefore achieve a high level of operational reliability across the entire operating temperature range, even when arranged in series.

Power supply – flexible and easy

Signal conditioner supply via DIN rail connector  

The DIN rail connector offers flexible power supply and diagnostics

MINI Analog signal conditioners offer a system solution for supplying devices: use the DIN rail connector to bridge the 24 V supply voltage. This simplifies wiring, system expansion or module replacement.

There are three options for supplying the device supply:

  • Direct 24 V supply at any MINI Analog module: for up to 16 MINI Analog modules
  • Via a 24 V power terminal block: for up to 80 MINI Analog modules
  • Via the system power supply with 85 … 264 V AC wide-range input: for up to 60 MINI Analog modules

Convenient error evaluation with the fault monitoring system function

Convenient group error indication with fault monitoring  

Fault monitoring – group error indication in multi-channel systems

The fault monitoring system function is a modular solution for convenient error evaluation: the fault monitoring module offers group error indication for up to 80 modules that are connected via the DIN rail connector.

If an error is detected internally or in the signal input of a measuring transducer, it is indicated via the DIN rail connector and displayed centrally on the fault monitoring module via an N/C contact. This eliminates time-consuming individual evaluation.

Depending on the signal conditioner type, the following errors are indicated:

  • Overrange
  • Underrange
  • Open circuit
  • Short circuit
  • Module error

With the addition of the new power terminal block, it is also possible to detect and indicate the failure of a supply voltage.

Error evaluation can be freely adjusted, both on the device side and in the evaluation module. This means the fault monitoring is highly modular.

Convenient configuration and monitoring

Convenient configuration and monitoring via software  

Convenient configuration and monitoring via software

Many of the MINI Analog modules can be configured: they can be easily set using DIP switches – without the need for any software. Alternatively, Phoenix Contact can do this for you based on your individual ordering data.

For extended functionality and monitoring, you can also configure the modules conveniently with the robust S port interface using a free software interface.

Here you can choose between three solutions:

  1. ANALOG-CONF stand-alone software
  2. FDT/DTM software package
  3. Stand-alone DTMs, allowing you to use your existing FDT frame application

Fast and error-free signal connection

Termination carriers with MINI Analog signal conditioners  

MINI Analog termination carriers with standard DIN rail devices

Termination carriers are compact solutions for quickly and smoothly connecting DIN rail devices from the MINI Analog series to input and output cards of automation systems.

Connect the termination carriers to your controller quickly and smoothly using pre-assembled VARIOFACE system cabling – plug and play.

You can therefore combine the advantages of modular DIN rail devices with those offered by plug and play fast cabling to create a consistent solution for system technology.

High operational reliability

Electrical isolation of input, output, and supply  

High operational reliability, thanks to 3-way electrical isolation

MINI Analog signal conditioners are equipped with consistent electrical isolation between input, output, and supply. This increases operational reliability in the event of disturbances in your system.


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