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Choice of connection technology

For maximum flexibility, the PLC relays are available with screw, spring-cage or push-in connection technology.

The push-in technology enables easy, direct insertion of even small conductors from 0.34 mm² without tools. It features high contact quality and low insertion forces. This ensures quick, convenient, and safe wiring.

Screw, push-in, and spring-cage connection technology  

Various connection technologies for safe wiring

Time-saving potential distribution, thanks to plug-in bridges

Easy wiring with plug-in bridges  

Reduced wiring effort with plug-in bridges

With color-coded and insulated plug-in bridges, the PLC relay modules can save up to 70% wiring time.

The continuous bridges, which are also suitable for mixed 6.2 mm and 14 mm PLC structures, are particularly efficient.

Just 6.2 mm wide with plug-in relays and solid-state relays

PLC relays with narrow housing  

Space saving, thanks to narrow housing

For space-saving installation, we offer plug-in relays or solid-state relays in narrow housing which is just 6.2 mm or 14 mm wide.

For example, these can easily be replaced in the event of maintenance work.

PLC relay system plus system cabling

Relays with system cabling  

PLC relays with system cabling

The combination of PLC-INTERFACE relay system and corresponding system cabling provides a fast, plug-in connection between the controller and relay.

Together with front adapters, system cables, and PLC-V8 adapters, you have a system concept for easy wiring. This saves time and money compared to laborious single wiring.

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