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AC charging cables
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    AC charging cables

    CHARX connect – charging cables in accordance with type 1, type 2, and GB/T, mobile or for installation on the charging station, for mode 3 charging with alternating current.

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Ergonomic, robust, and high-quality: Our CHARX connect mode 3 charging cables are suitable for the AC charging of electric vehicles from all manufacturers. The VDE, UL, and PSE-certified cables achieve charging powers of up to 26 kW and are available with type 1 and type 2 connectors as well as connectors in accordance with the GB/T standard. In addition to cables for installation on charging stations, we also provide electric car charging cables that can be stored in the vehicle. The charging connectors have already received multiple awards for their ergonomics, design, and look.

Your advantages

  • Complete product range for type 1, type 2, and GB/T
  • Convenient handling thanks to ergonomic design – received several awards
  • Upon request, we can also include your company logo to ensure consistent branding of your charging station or home charger
  • Efficient power transmission and long-term stability with silver-plated contact surfaces
  • Longitudinal water tightness reliably prevents water from permeating the cable
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001
  • Tested in accordance with selected tests of automotive standards LV124, LV214, and LV215-2

Charging with alternating current in accordance with mode 3

Charging mode 3 with case B (top) and case C (bottom)  

Charging mode 3 with case B (top) and case C (bottom)

We will provide the right charging cable for conventional AC charging in accordance with mode 3, suitable for the intended application:

  • Mobile charging cables are used in charging case B. They are, for example, stored in the trunk of the vehicle. The cable is equipped with a connecting element at both ends.
  • Mobile adapter charging cables are the ideal solution for charging case B, for example if a vehicle with an American type 1 charging socket needs to be charged at a European type 2 charging station.
  • You need a charging cable with a free cable end for charging case C. In this case, the charging cable is permanently connected to the charging station.


AC charging cables for North America and Japan

Type 1 AC charging cable for the North American and Japanese markets  

Type 1 AC charging cable

Type 1 AC charging cables in accordance with SAE J1772/IEC 62196-2 are primarily used in the USA and Japan. The lock is a lever locking mechanism which interrupts the power when actuated.

  • 20 A / 250 V AC (metric, AWG)
  • 32 A / 250 V AC (metric, AWG)
  • 30 A / 250 V AC (PSE)
  • 48 A / 250 V AC (AWG)

AC charging cables for Europe

Type 2 AC charging cable with vehicle charging connector and infrastructure charging plug for the European market  

Type 2 AC charging cable

Type 2 AC charging cables in accordance with IEC 62196-2 support single- and three-phase charging in Europe. An electromechanical actuator locking mechanism safeguards the charging process. In early 2013, the European Commission specified the use of the type 2 charging connection system in accordance with IEC 62196-2 as a uniform standard throughout Europe.

  • 20 A / 250 V AC (metric)
  • 20 A / 480 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 250 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 480 V AC (metric)

AC charging cables for China

Charging cables in accordance with GB/T standard for the Chinese market  

GB/T AC charging cables

The GB/T 20234.2 standard describes single- and three-phase charging in China. A special lever system provides the latching mechanism between the vehicle charging inlet and vehicle charging connector.

  • 20 A / 220 V AC (metric)
  • 20 A / 440 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 220 V AC (metric)
  • 32 A / 440 V AC (metric)

Triple-award winning design

German Design Award 2019, iF Design Award 2019, and Good Design Award 2019  

The AC charging cables have won three prestigious design awards

The AC charging cables have already received three prestigious design awards: the German Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the Good Design Award.

When developing the new AC charging cable product family together with professional designer Stephan Gahlow from Hamburg, a conscious effort was made to focus on achieving an ergonomic and attractive design and a modern, two-colored look. Robust, top-quality materials were used.

The AC charging cables clearly won over the international experts on the independent juries with these outstanding product characteristics.

Additional locking option

Locking with a padlock  

Locking an AC charging connector with a padlock

As an option, our type 1 and GB/T AC charging cables can be locked with a padlock. The maximum shackle diameter is 4 mm. This prevents the locking lever from being actuated once inserted.

Charging connectors with your logo

Charging connectors with customer logo  

Charging connectors with customer logo

We can also integrate your company logo into our AC charging connectors upon request. Your charging station or home charger will be an integral part of your uniform branding concept and image.

We can emboss your logo into the soft components of the charging connector or, if you wish, print a UV and weather-resistant adhesive label in black and white or in color.

Customer-specific charging cables

Various types of charging cables  

Various types of charging cables

Choose between various lengths and cross sections, metric or AWG cables, and spiraled or straight cables from our broad product range.

If you are unable to find your preferred combination within our range, we can also design and manufacture customer-specific items. We can also supply the cable end with a step cut, pre-assembled or compacted, upon request.

Additional CHARX products for AC charging infrastructure

Electric car at a charging station  

We offer a complete portfolio for charging electric vehicles


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CHARX connect AC charging cables

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