Special connection

Versatile but always unique

Versatile but always unique

Thanks to special connection technologies, we have the perfect terminal block for your requirements.

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  • Barrier connection
    Barrier connection

    Use the barrier terminal blocks to wire conductors quickly and conveniently with ring cable lugs.

  • Marshalling patchboards
    Marshalling patchboards

    Marshall signals reliably with an innovative color coding system with up to 20% more packing density.

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The special connection terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are just as unique as your requirements. From traffic engineering to process technology – we have the right solution for you.

Your advantages

  • Save time and space with a multi-conductor connection
  • Maintenance-free screw connection thanks to Reakdyn principle
  • Flexible use thanks to slip-on plug-in connection in various sizes
  • Connect multiple conductors easily with TERMI-POINT® connection

Slip-on plug-in connection

Terminal blocks with slip-on plug-in connection  

Particularly space saving: slip-on plug-in connection

Slip-on plug-in connections provide the perfect solution for restricted spaces. The housing panels only protrude slightly beyond the metal parts. This allows you to attach cable ducts near to the terminal strip and thereby save a lot of space.

The slotted plugs can be used to suit your requirements. Instead of a 6.3 mm slip-on sleeve, you can also slide on one fully insulated or two bare 2.8 mm slip-on sleeves.

TERMI-POINT® connection

Terminal blocks with TERMI-POINTsup®/sup connection  

Perfect for multiple connections: TERMI-POINT®

For the jumpering and distributor levels of control systems, Phoenix Contact has a range of terminal blocks and marshalling terminal with TERMI-POINT® connection.

With the TERMI-POINT® versions, a distinction is made in the position of the pin in relation to the terminal block:

  • Longitudinal pins for terminal strips mounted vertically
  • Horizontal pins for terminal strips mounted horizontally
  • Up to three connections can be made on a pin


Marshalling patchboards

Marshalling patchboards  

Marshalling patchboards

Due to its design, the PTMC marshalling patchboard provides you with the highest signal density during marshalling in automation applications. The modular structure, accurate to the number of poles and with colored matrix elements, ensures clearly arranged and error-free wiring. The individual elements are available in eleven colors.

Top quality

Components of a terminal block: Metal parts and plastic parts  

High-grade metal and plastic parts

Reliable connections – that's our aim. The quality of our products is the key. This starts with the selection of materials.

Metal parts made of strain-crack and corrosion-proof copper alloys:

  • No electrolytic corrosion due to humidity
  • Safe electrical contacts
  • Minimal heating thanks to good electrical conductivity
  • Surface protected by a lead-free, galvanic nickel or tin plating

Insulating housing made of elastic plastic with a high impact strength:

  • Recyclable, halogen-free, and UV resistant
  • Good tropical and termite resistance
  • Operating temperatures of up to 130°C
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent aging characteristics
  • Certification in accordance with UL 94 for inflammability class V0



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