Photovoltaic park management

Photovoltaic park management

Collecting data

Operating large PV systems requires continuous monitoring and control at segment level.

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We will provide you with inspiring single-source solutions to make your solar power generation more profitable. Reliable monitoring products keep you informed of the state of your photovoltaic system at all times, allowing you to respond immediately to ensure maximum yield.

Your advantages

  • Protecting photovoltaic panels against damage caused by lightning and overvoltages and increasing the yield using compact and customized device connection boxes
  • Utilize solar power efficiently with systems designed to monitor individual strings
  • Automatic detection mode makes it easy to connect all systems in the PV park using Plug and Play
  • Stable power grids with our VDE-AR-N 4110/-20-certified feed-in controller

Data loggers

Data loggers  

The data loggers record all relevant data

Operating large photovoltaic systems requires continuous monitoring. Our data loggers record all relevant data concerning the ambient conditions as well as the state of the PV strings and the inverter.

Feed-in control

Feed-in control  

Our PGS controller is certified in accordance with VDE-AR-N-4110/20

The controller detects the parameters at the grid connection. The manipulated variables are calculated based on the grid operator’s specifications and are transferred to the inverters. Using this closed-loop control circuit, the PV power station performs the grid-support functions for connecting medium or high voltage.

Acquisition of meteorological data

Weather station  

Our whether station measures key environmental data around the clock

Our weather station features a comprehensive range of environmental sensors that can be connected directly to our control system via Modbus. We are therefore able to provide you with a compact weather data acquisition system in your solar park tailored precisely to your requirements.

Inverter communication

Inverter communication  

Your software library for photovoltaic projects

SOLARWORX contains software libraries for PC Worx which are specifically designed for the implementation of photovoltaic projects.

Among other things, these libraries include ready-to-use driver modules for communication with all common types of inverters. To keep the engineering outlay for the startup of photovoltaic systems to a minimum, we are constantly developing new drivers and function blocks for the connection of environmental sensors and for photovoltaic tracking systems.


String combiner box

SCB with string fuse outside the control box  

The SCB with external string fuse impresses with its compact design

As someone who plans and installs photovoltaic systems, you want to achieve maximum yield with your system. The string combiner boxes (SCBs) from Phoenix Contact combine important functions for increasing system performance in a compact, space-saving housing.

The boxes collect and distribute string currents, protect individual modules against damage from lightning and overvoltages, and monitor the performance of the system. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the SCB with standard string fuse and the particularly compact SCB with string fuse outside the control box.

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