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  • Controller for building automation
    PLC for building infrastructure

    Automate different subsections in building infrastructure, data centers, and distributed properties using the ILC 2050 BI Inline controller.

  • Conventional PLCs
    Conventional PLCs

    PLCs in all performance classes, software PLC, and PLC programming software

  • PLCnext Control
    PLCnext Control

    Open PLCs with PLCnext Technology for high-level language programming, PLC programming software, and apps in the PLCnext Store.

  • Programmable logic relay system
    Programmable logic relay system

    Implement smaller automation tasks with the programmable logic relay system from Phoenix Contact.

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With the broad Phoenix Contact PLC portfolio, we provide you with innovative solutions for automation. The portfolio includes PLCnext Control devices for new levels of freedom, PLCs for building infrastructure, and software PLCs. It also includes small-scale controllers for simple applications through to controllers for highly complex painting lines in the automotive industry.

Your advantages

  • Digitalize your systems with innovative technologies for the foundation of the IIoT and Industrie 4.0
  • Whether a programmable logic relay system or a PLC with maximum performance, the broad PLC portfolio provides you with creative solutions for your automation tasks
  • Automate cost-effectively and reliably, even under harsh conditions, thanks to robust and high-quality PLCs

PLCnext Control devices for high-level language programming

AXC F 2152 and RFC 4072S PLCnext Control devices  

PLCnext Control devices open up new levels of freedom.

PLCnext Control devices are the first PLCs for the open PLCnext Technology automation platform. This new technology enables classic programming in accordance with IEC 61131 and programming with high-level languages such as C/C++, C#, and Matlab® Simulink®. You can also freely select your preferred programming software, such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Matlab® Simulink®.
Connect directly to the Proficloud and integrate tailored open source software and other future technologies.

PLCs with IEC 61131 programming

Axio station, Inline station, RFC  

PLC systems for PROFINET and Modbus/TCP

Choose from the broad Phoenix Contact PLC range. Use a software PLC to transform your industrial PC into a powerful PLC, or resolve demanding automation tasks with a high-performance PLC. PLCs which can be combined ideally with the matching I/O systems are also available for small to medium systems.

PLCs for building automation


PLCs with the Java-based Niagara framework

Automate different utilities in building infrastructure, data centers, and distributed properties with the ILC 2050 BI controller.

The PLC also supports all of the main communication protocols used in building infrastructure automation applications. The Niagara 4 Framework, specially developed for the Internet of Things, enables the user to carry out time-optimized engineering. Furthermore, the Java-based framework provides flexible options for planning, engineering, and visualization. It is also easy to add self-programmed functions to the Niagara network.

Programmable logic relay system

PLC logic small-scale controller  

Small-scale controller for automating simple applications

The system is designed for realizing small automation tasks and combines the logic, interface, and field connection levels into one solution for the first time. The logic relay system combines the advantages of pluggable relays with logic functions and intuitive software. Furthermore, the strengths of established relay technology are combined with logic functions and intuitive software.

The PLC logic app and technologies such as Push-in and Bluetooth simplify integration, monitoring, and operation.


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