Copper transmission

Combine interfaces

Combine interfaces

Combine different interfaces easily and network your application in a secure, reliable, and structured way.

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Increase the performance and availability of bus systems by using repeaters, converters, and isolators. Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive range of infrastructure components for every application.

Your advantages

  • Interface adaptation: connecting data interfaces with different electrical standards
  • Increased range and speed, thanks to network segmentation
  • Avoid compensating currents, thanks to high-quality electrical isolation between individual bus segments
  • Use of repeaters means you can have any network topology

Modular hub for fieldbus systems

Modular hub for up to ten devices  

Modular hub for up to ten devices

Use DIN rail connectors to combine your PSI-REP series copper repeaters and create a modular hub.

The DIN rail connectors are used for cross-wiring between the active components. This makes it easy for the power supply and data signals to be relayed from module to module, freeing up connection ports for new network segments.

Another option is to combine your copper repeaters with FO converters. One modular hub covers up to ten devices. This means you can have a maximum of 30 channels with your choice of copper or fiber optics.

Interface converters for data transmission

PSM-ME series converters for all applications  

PSM-ME series converters for all applications

Converters from the PSM-ME series have been specially developed by Phoenix Contact for the process environment. They smoothly convert different serial interfaces to other standards with a transparent protocol.

Simply snap these narrow 22.5 mm modules onto the grounded DIN rail and they automatically contact the shield discharge at the same time. To increase the level of transmission safety, all interfaces are isolated from each other with high-quality electrical isolation.

The following versions are provided for the various industrial applications:

  • From RS-232 to RS-422 or RS-485
  • From RS-232 to TTY (CL)



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