Solutions for photovoltaics

Safe and efficient automation of PV systems

Phoenix Contact develops innovative solutions which enable you to increase the yield of your PV systems.

The location makes no difference: whether a ground-mounted or roofmounted system, tracking system, or building-integrated photovoltaics.

Feed-in Management

DNOs require photovoltaic systems not to exceed connection limits to enable high grid stability.  

To monitor and control these values of voltage and reactive power at grid connection points is essential.
The solution from Phoenix Contact can consist of both hardware and software, which ensures that the engineering effort with respect to feed-in control is kept to a minimum.

Park operators can adapt this solution optimally to the requirements of the respective photovoltaic system. 

Feed-in Management

String Combiner Boxes

String Combiner Boxes

String Combiner Boxes collect and distribute string currents, protecting against any surge voltages and monitoring the performance of PV systems.

Phoenix Contact has created innovative monitoring solutions for measuring the yield from solar installations, whether it be roof top or ground mount, enabling:

  • Optimum performance
  • Faster install and start-up
  • Operator satisfaction due to high availability

Surge protection

Surge voltages and lightning strikes cause damage to PV systems, protect them using Phoenix Contact components and systems.

With PV Sets for multi-string PV systems, each individual MPP tracker of an inverter is protected against surge voltage damage.

We offer fast installation, thanks to pre-assembly of PV sets, using robust and durable components. We also offer customer specific solutions on request.

Solarcheck RSD

Photovoltaic rooftop systems generate DC voltages of up to 1000 V and cannot be disconnected easily on the DC side. This presents a problem if the system is damaged. SOLARCHECK RSD automatically switches your system to a safe state. You are protected from life-threatening electric shocks during installation and maintenance or in dangerous situations.

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Web-based visualization

PV Monitor is a web-based visualization based on industrial components.

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