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Outstanding safety

SOLARCHECK RSD has won the GIT Security Award.

Found out here why this product makes working on photovoltaic systems so safe.

GIT Security Award certificate  

SOLARCHECK RSD: winner in the Fire & Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety category

The automatic SOLARCHECK RSD photovoltaic panel shutdown won the GIT Security Award in the Fire & Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety category.

The prize for outstanding innovative products and systems in safety technology is awarded each year by the magazines GIT Sicherheit, GIT Security, and messtec drives Automation on behalf of publisher Wiley-VCH.

Prior to this, the product was nominated as a finalist by a neutral jury with representatives from BHE, TÜV, VDMA, ZVEI, integrators, and users. Over 75,000 readers of the print magazines and associated online communities at,, and chose the winners.

Caution voltage – danger to life without panel shutdown

Potentially lethal voltages due to series connection in photovoltaic systems  

Potentially lethal voltages due to series connection

In 95% of photovoltaic systems the panels are connected to strings in series. This can generate potentially lethal DC voltages of up to 1000 V.

Disconnection to protect against electric shock is difficult: shutdown at the inverter or via additional DC switches interrupts the current flow, but not the voltage.

Occupational health and safety can only be guaranteed if each individual panel is disconnected automatically.

Maximum safety, thanks to disconnection of individual panels

Auto Rapid Shutdown  

Safe photovoltaic panel shutdown with intelligent technology

SOLARCHECK RSD features diagnostic functions and distinguishes between different operating states.

In accordance with the failsafe principle, deviations from the normal state or shutdown of the inverter result in automatic disconnection of the photovoltaic panels.

A safe state is achieved without intervention by an electrician. Even those who are not familiar with the safety rules and dangers, such as roofers or cleaning personnel, are protected.

The patented Auto Rapid Shutdown technology is more reliable and faster than any human assessment or intervention.

SOLARCHECK RSD photovoltaic panel shutdown

SOLARCHECK RSD consists of units for shutting down the individual photovoltaic panels and startup units, which are used to restart the system. Each shutdown unit disconnects the corresponding panel from the string group. The disconnection takes place automatically in the event of a fault and each time the inverter is shut down. The maximum value for the entire DC side of the photovoltaic system is then in the range of the safety extra-low voltage. There is no risk of an electric shock.

System topology of photovoltaic panel shutdown  

System topology of SOLARCHECK RSD photovoltaic panel shutdown


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Intelligent PV panel switch-off

Safety during maintenance and in the case of danger

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