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Safe power transmission at Energie AG in Austria

Leading infrastructure group in Austria

Energie AG is the leading infrastructure group in Upper Austria. With its specialised business segments and subsidiary companies, the group works in the fields of energy (electricity, gas, heat), water, and disposal.

As part of its core business, the company supplies electricity to around one million people via 410,000 customer installations. Energie AG employs 1800 people in its energy division, generating an annual turnover of around 835 million.


One of Energie AG's projects is the Sattledt transformer substation. The transformer substation supplies electricity to the Sattledt/Wels region. For Energie AG, the safety and reliability of this supply is the focus of its activities.

The lifespan of the system is 40 to 50 years. The technical components of UV Sattledt that are responsible for safe power transmission are of appropriately high quality. Energie AG uses the ST series from the CLIPLINE complete modular terminal block system from Phoenix Contact for protection and control technology.


The ST series is revolutionary in the field of spring-cage technology, offering significant space savings thanks to its compact design. By using such space-saving components, the overall system design can be made smaller.

The front connection is characteristic of spring-cage technology, enabling conductors to be inserted into the terminal point from above. Cable ducts can therefore be led directly to the terminal strips, saving additional space in the control cabinet.

This spring-cage terminal block series is characterised by the "mini-spring" spring-cage system, which reduces the size significantly. Nevertheless, a lot of consideration was also given to existing quality features such as:

  • Large-surface labelling
  • Maximum wiring space
  • Flexible plug-in bridge system

The ST product range is available in nominal connection cross sections from 1.5 to 35 mm². Since spring-cage technology only allows one conductor per terminal point, corresponding multi-conductor terminal blocks are also available. In addition to the standard feed-through terminal blocks, the product range is supplemented by three, four, and double-level terminal blocks. Greater wiring density can be achieved using the multi-conductor terminal blocks.

Additional potential branching or potential multiplication can also be implemented easily with the bridge system.


Mr Gerald Loy, site manager at Energie AG: "Distribution and control of energy are our main areas of application. We chose Phoenix Contact's spring-cage terminal blocks as parameters such as bridging and labelling options, materials or connection cross sections were taken into consideration. The consistent double bridge shaft was the ideal choice for our applications. We can therefore implement chain bridging using just one bridge type, which is of course easy to store.

The ST terminal block, which we are using now, is also great in terms of its connection cross section and front labelling. The connection cross section can be implemented with or without a ferrule in the nominal cross section; installation errors are prevented thanks to the large-surface centre labelling. Nevertheless, in the unlikely event of an error, we have to be sure that only high-quality terminal blocks are used. Self-extinguishing V0 material according to UL 94 was therefore the only option.

Only terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are now used in the existing systems undergoing extensive retrofitting and in new systems. Keeping the lifespan of 40 to 50 years in mind, this decision has given us a solution for the next decade."


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