UPS with integrated power storage

Top of its class

Top of its class

The QUINT UPS solutions with integrated power storage are extremely effective and space-saving.

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  • Product list QUINT UPS

    QUINT UPS with IQ Technology and integrated energy storage maximizes the availability for load currents up to 10 A.

  • Product list STEP UPS

    The STEP UPS achieves long buffer times, thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery module.

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Extremely compact: particularly space saving and easy to retrofit, the UPS module and power storage are combined in the same housing.

Your advantages

  • Flexible mounting: snapping on to the DIN rail or screwing the STEP UPS onto an even surface
  • Long buffer times – with lithium iron phosphate or lead AGM power storage
  • Cleverly combined: benefit from all the advantages of the intelligent QUINT UPS in the smallest of spaces
  • Maximum service life: the integrated temperature sensor of the QUINT UPS optimizes charging currents

Save space

In service mode, the power storage can be replaced without an alarm message being output.  

Power storage devices can be replaced

UPS modules which already include power storage in the same housing are particularly narrow and easy to retrofit in existing systems.
It's just a case of connecting a power supply upstream and the reliable UPS solution is complete.

The power storage devices can of course be replaced quickly and easily when they reach the end of their service life.

UNO UPS – compact and narrow

The UNO UPS supplies 24 V and 60 W  

UNO UPS for ambient temperatures of -15°C to +50°C

The UNO UPS with 60 W output power is available, corresponding to the UNO POWER power supply range. The uninterruptible power supply works flexibly at input voltages of 23 to 30 V DC. Measuring just 110 x 90 x 90 mm, it provides you with a very compact UPS version.

In addition, the integrated lead AGM power storage ensures long buffer times:

  • 0.5 A for 45 minutes
  • 2 A for 8 minutes
  • 2.5 A for 5 minutes

STEP UPS – flat and narrow

STEP UPS from Phoenix Contact tailored to the STEP POWER power supply  

STEP POWER with STEP UPS (wired)

The available UPS corresponds to the STEP POWER power supply.

The uninterruptible power supply works flexibly at input voltages of 22.5 to 29.5 V DC.

With an overall width of 108 mm, this means that only a minimal amount of space (198 mm) is required on the DIN rail when used with the corresponding power supply.

In addition, the integrated lithium iron phosphate power storage ensures long buffer times:

  • 1 A for 15 minutes
  • 2 A for 10 minutes
  • 3 A for 8 minutes

The 12 V variant operates at input voltages of 10 to 16.5 V DC. At 4 A of output current, this STEP UPS buffers for approx. 12 minutes.


TRIO AC UPS – reliable and space saving

AC UPS for the DIN rail  

AC UPS for the DIN rail

Reliably supply AC loads with the new uninterruptible power supplies from the TRIO range for the DIN rail. Connected industrial PCs can be shut down via the integrated USB interface.

  • Seamless transition through pure sinusoidal wave: sine generated in battery mode synchronized with previously supplied mains
  • Space-saving: UPS module and power storage combined in one housing
  • Long buffer times with integrated VRLA power storage, extendable with further power storage
  • USB port for connection to higher-level controllers, such as industrial PCs
  • Can be started from the power storage even without mains input
  • You can use UPS-CONF software to optimally adapt the behavior of the UPS to your specific circumstances.

QUINT UPS – intelligent and compact


Superior system availability with IQ technology

The design of the QUINT UPS is extremely compact and thanks to the minimal wiring effort, devices in existing systems can be retrofitted with ease. It's just a case of connecting a 24 V DC power supply unit upstream – the UPS solution is then complete and your system will be reliably protected against mains failure.

The processor-controlled power storage featuring lead AGM technology communicates with the UPS module: based on the ambient temperature, it calculates the optimum charging currents and increases the service life of the power storage.

  • QUINT UPS 5A: 5 A for 5 minutes or 0.5 A for 1 hour
  • QUINT UPS 10A: 10 A for 15 minutes or 0.5 A for 3 hours

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