Surge protection for power supplies

Surge protection for power supplies

High power

Surge protection for any requirement – from feed-in to the termination device.

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  • Combination type 1/2 protective device
    Lightning current arrester

    Combination type 1/2 protective devices from Phoenix Contact are based on spark gap technology and offer the voltage protection level of a type 2 surge protective device.

  • Type 1+2 arrester combination
    Type 1+2 arrester combination

    The unique type 1+2 arrester combination from Phoenix Contact offers two full-fledged protective device classes in just one protective device

  • Type 2 surge protective devices
    Type 2 surge protective devices

    Varistor-based type 2 surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact can be used in a multitude of applications. The narrowest protective devices are just 12 mm wide per channel.

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Effective protection of your electronic devices is provided by our surge protective devices of type 1/2, type 2 or type 3. Our product range offers you convenient, ready-to-install solutions for all applications.

Your advantages

  • Can be used in all standard power supply systems thanks to powerful components
  • Superior system availability thanks to spark gap technology without line follow current
  • Consistent protection across all protection stages thanks to coordinated protective devices
  • Space-saving and inexpensive installation, thanks to slim design
  • Know what's happening in advance thanks to the anticipatory testing of the pluggable protective device

The Safe Energy Control product range

Surge protection for power supply systems  

Surge protection for power supply systems

Safe Energy Control, abbreviated "SEC," stands for a product family with exceptional durability and maximum performance in the field of lightning current and surge protection. The revolutionary spark gap technology safely prevents any line follow current. This reduces the stress on the entire installation to a minimum. The surge protective devices operate gently and without being noticed for the entire system. Backup-fuse-free solutions are available for all applications. The consistent pluggability rounds out the SEC family.

Type 1/2 combination arrester

Type 1/2 lightning current arrester / combination arrester for power supply systems  

Type 1/2 combination arrester – FLT-SEC-P-T1-3S-350

Every type 1 lightning current arrester fulfills the maximum requirements with respect to its discharge capacity. At the same time, it is also a surge protective device (SPD) of type 2. Exhibiting the test class II for a type 1 lightning current arrester is a redundant piece of information and provides no additional qualification. This is why these types of devices are called "combination arresters" (SPD type 1/2). A combination arrester is an arrester that fulfills both test classes.

Type 1+2 protective device combination

Combination of type 1 lightning current arresters and type 2 surge protective devices in one product  

Type 1+2 arrester combination – FLT-SEC-T1+T2-3S-350

The type 1+2 arrester combination differs fundamentally from the type 1/2 combination arrester. The type 1/2 arrester combination contains two stand-alone arresters that are switched in parallel while occupying minimal space. The voltage-switching spark gap (SPD type 1/2) operates optimally together with a voltage-limiting varistor (SPD type 2).  This way, two autonomous arresters in one compact block ensure optimal response behavior, optimal system protection and a long service life for the components.

Type 2 surge protective devices

Type 2 surge protective device  

Type 2 surge protective device – VAL-SEC-T2-3S-350

Type 2 surge protective devices (SPDs) are generally installed in sub-distributions or machine control cabinets. They form the second protection stage in a three-stage surge protection design. SPDs of type 2 must be able to protect from surge voltages from indirect lightning strikes or switching operations. Surge voltages caused by switching operations are often highly dynamic and occur much more frequently than lightning-based surge voltages. Here, a technology with fast response behavior stands up to the test, e.g. varistor technology.

Type 3 device protection

Type 3 surge protection for end devices  

Type 3 device protection – PLT-SEC-T3-230-FM-PT

Type 3 surge protective devices are generally installed right in front of the terminal device to be protected. Thus, they are also referred to as "device protection." Due to differing installation environments, type 3 SPDs are available in a wide range of designs:

  • Devices for DIN rail mounting
  • Devices for insertion in sockets

Protection for every circumstance

Schematic view of the voltage protection level  

Voltage protection levels for different arrester types

Surge voltages are potential interference factors. Without effective protection, you can expect high costs for repairing or replacing the equipment affected.

The multi-stage concept from Phoenix Contact provides effective protection for your systems and devices.

  • Type 1 protection stage:
    Powerful lightning arrester (combination arrester of type 1/2 or arrester combination of type 1+2)
  • Type 2 protection stage:
    Surge protection that is essential for any power supply unit
  • Type 3 protection stage:
    Surge protection for sensitive end devices


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Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology offers remarkably high durability in surge protection for your application

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