Communication down to the last meter

Communication down to the last meter

Exchange data consistently with IO-Link – from the controller down to the lowest field level.

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Make the most of all the options offered by IO-Link: the point-to-point connection enables you to exchange both process data and service data between the connection and sensor/actuator.

The advantages for you

  • Point-to-point connection: existing topologies are retained
  • Standard sensor/actuator cable, as no special cables or connectors are required
  • Consistent communication: both process data and service data are transmitted
  • Mixed operation – by means of both digital and IO-Link communication

IO-Link master

IO-Link master available with various degrees of protection and in different designs  

IO-Link master available with various degrees of protection and in different designs

The IO-Link master from Phoenix Contact is available with IP20 and IP67 protection both for modular systems and those with a block design.

  • Special feature: the IO-Link master with block design and IP67 protection provide an additional supply (IO-Link ports according to Class B).
  • One standard cable for numerous functions: IO-Link reduces the number of cables used and the amount of wiring involved. Digital and analog signals of IO-Link devices are transmitted to the IO-Link master via a single standard cable.
  • Modular IO-Link master supports flexible use: open use via bus coupler for numerous communication networks.
  • Inline IO-Link master: optimum combination with class 100 compact controller.
  • Consistent communication down to the last meter via the IO-Link master.

Specific analog value processing with IO-Link

IO-Link/analog converter  

IO-Link/analog converter

In contrast to control cabinet installations, considerably fewer analog signals/special signals are required in field installations.
Nevertheless, in order to fulfill the demand for non-digital signals while keeping up with the trend for using IO-Link-compatible actuators and sensors, a highly-functional IO-Link master is included in the portfolio of Axioline E Series for each network.
In combination with the IO-Link/analog converters of the Axioline E series, this results in a perfect solution for the multifaceted applications of analog signals.

Moreover, it opens up significant potential for reducing the installation costs: an IO-Link/analog converter can either be directly connected to or placed in the immediate vicinity of the analog sensor. This significantly reduces or even completely eliminates the need for expensive, shielded cables between an analog sensor and I/O device (in this case the IO-Link master).

One device - numerous possibilities

One device - numerous possibilities

In line with the slogan “One device, numerous possibilities”, the above image shows the varied application possibilities of an Axioline E series IO-Link master.
The following functions can be used via the IO-Link master by using the various operating modes of an IO-Link port:

  • digital standard signals
  • analog signals (in combination with the IO-Link/analog convertors)
  • IO-Link devices such as flow sensors or numerous other IO-Link devices such as valve islands, photoelectric barriers or distance meters

With the multi-functional IO-Link ports, an IO-Link master becomes a universal I/O device.

Compressed air meter with IO-Link communication

Compressed air meter with IO-Link communication  

Compressed air meter with IO-Link communication

Compressed air is one of the most expensive production resources in existence. Compressed air meters from Phoenix Contact enable you to optimize the use of this costly resource. By using compressed air efficiently, you can decrease compressor usage and therefore reduce energy costs.

The calorimetric measuring procedure records even the smallest consumption rates. You can detect wear or leaks based on the amount of air consumed.

Use compressed air meters to acquire the following values:

  • The current volumetric flow
  • The current volume used
  • The temperature of the compressed air in the monitored operating processes

Your advantages:

  • Efficient use of resources, thanks to comprehensive procurement data from sensors and meters
  • Detailed procurement measurement, thanks to precise sensor and meter technology
  • Intelligent sensor communication, thanks to IO-Link technology


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