Serial media converters

Bridge larger distances

Bridge larger distances

Increase the range of your serial interfaces and establish interference-free communication.

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Data transmission via copper cables reaches its limits very quickly in an industrial environment. Media converters from Phoenix Contact enable you to convert your serial RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 interfaces from copper to interference-free fiber optics without the need for costly surge protection, shielding, and equipotential bonding measures.

Your advantages

  • Maximum transmission distances with extremely high data rate, thanks to fiber optic technology
  • High-quality electrical isolation between the devices, thanks to optical data transmission
  • Integrated optical diagnostics via bar graph display
  • Early warning alarm issued in the event of a drop in transmission quality – with floating switch contact
  • Use in potentially explosive areas – approved for zone 2

Media converter for RS-232 connections

Media converter for RS-232 as termination device and T-coupler  

Media converter for RS-232 as termination device and T-coupler

RS-232 interfaces are very susceptible to EMC influences and potential differences. The transmission distances are too short.

Use media converters from Phoenix Contact to convert your serial interfaces to fiber optics.

This gives you important advantages:

  • Longer transmission distances
  • Elimination of EMC influences
  • Integrated optical diagnostics for continuous monitoring of fiber optic paths
  • Floating switch contact for early warning alarms in respect of critical fiber optic paths
  • High-quality electrical isolation between all interfaces
  • Intrinsically safe fiber optic interface (Ex op is) for direct connection to devices in zone 1


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