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For autonomous remote stations, the few switching operations or the system inspection are, more often than not, carried out by a service technician on site. Failures lead to downtimes and high costs. Thanks to the automatic alerts, immediate remote error detection is possible, and that without a complex and costly broadband connection.

Your advantages

  • Reduced machine and system downtimes, by means of automatic alerts via SMS and email
  • Decrease communication costs, thanks to event-controlled alerts
  • SMS alarm in the event of power failure
  • Versatile, as both an AC and DC version with extended voltage range

Monitor sensors and switch relays

Alarms with TC Mobile I/O  

Event-based monitoring, alerting, and switching via the mobile network

Monitor analog and digital sensors easily and securely via the mobile network and switch relays remotely. The compact alarm system TC MOBILE I/O X200 transmits data securely via SMS and email.

In the event of a level breach, a status change at the digital input or at regular intervals, you are informed by TC MOBILE I/O X200. That means you are always up to date.

The TC MOBILE I/O X200 is available as both a DC device with a voltage range of 10 to 60 volts, as well as an AC device with 93 to 250 volts. The special feature of DC devices: in addition to the four digital inputs, they also feature two analog inputs, which can measure both voltage and current.

All devices are particularly easy to handle and can be used in a wide range of applications, thanks to the large voltage range and the various inputs.

In addition to the TC MOBILE I/O X200 compact alarm system, that is specially optimized for compact alarm and switching tasks, the Phoenix Contact industrial routers also have the option of alerting. They also have digital inputs in order to send alerts via SMS or email, as well as the Internet connection. Regardless of whether it is through a wired connection with the TC DSL ROUTER or via the mobile network with the TC ROUTER.

The devices also offer the option of forwarding alarms from a controller via Ethernet by means of a software interface. As such, in the event of a status change, you can transmit an alarm from your controller to an unlimited number of digital inputs. Outside the control room, you are therefore always informed of the state of your processes.

Compact signaling system now also communicates via app


Free app for signaling system

Thanks to new firmware, the TC MOBILE I/O X200 can now also communicate with you via smartphone app (iOS and Android). This app allows you to switch your outputs conveniently and easily check the status of your device at any time.

The TC Mobile I/O app makes it even easier to use the device and saves you having to write a text message. You will receive alerts as usual via SMS and e-mail. This makes it easy to be contacted in the field.


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