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Brexit Statement

Preparations for a "No Deal" Brexit post March 29 2019

As you are aware the United Kingdom (UK) is still in negotiation with the European Union (EU) on the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement. Once agreed this will enable trade between EU member states and the UK to continue uninterrupted for a fixed period of at least 2 years. This provides certainty for that transition period, while detailed negotiations continue on a mutually beneficial trade agreement that in theory, will be put into effect thereafter to facilitate trade between both entities.

Unfortunately, as of now it is uncertain if there will be a withdrawal agreement in place that both parties agree before the deadline of March 29th, 2019. Therefore, with time running out, we are aware of the need to provide information to you on what the potential implications of a "No Deal" are for you as a customer of Phoenix Contact in the UK. In preparation we have increased our inventory by over 30% on our stock items held in Telford, this is to reduce the risks of potential lead time delays on shipments from our Global Logistics Centre in Germany.

We are in close communication with our colleagues from the world-wide logistics centre in Germany and will keep you up to date on developments should there be any change to the circumstances.

Delivery information

However as of now, for products not available from our local stock or made to order we must advise you of the following effect should there be no change to the existing logistics arrangements for delivery of products to the UK from Blomberg, Germany :

1. Standard Lead times - Deliveries By Road/Sea :

  • Currently 6-8 Days.
  • After March 29 please allow at least 10-12 Days (working).

2. Express Shipments - Deliveries By Air :

  • Currently 1 Day.
  • After March 29 please allow at least 1-2 Days (working).

This information is based on the most up to date details that we have to hand and assumes using existing logistics routes and service providers. As the situation develops these details may alter and once we have any update we will provide this to you.

For now, we ask that you build in this additional transit time of at least 4 days to your Materials Planning and suggest that when placing orders that you allow for the extra time it may take.  We would also advise that if you are in a position to build up some inventory between now and the end of March that you should order early as we have an increase in demand for our products as many of our Distributors and Customers are contingency planning. 


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