Controller-specific system cabling

Controller-specific system cabling

Fast, reliable and error-free wiring

VARIOFACE system cabling connects the controller to the field - easy and error-free.

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    Accessories, fuses, and locking clips are available.

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    System cables for controllers

    System cables for the connection between the controller and the interface module. The cables are available in variable lengths.

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    Front adapters for controllers

    Front adapters are available for various controllers. They are connected via system cables.

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    Termination boards for controllers

    Modules are used in combination with the corresponding front adapters and are connected via system cables.

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The VARIOFACE system cabling is a wiring concept that has been specially developed to allow connection to the I/O modules of a wide range of automation devices. Plug-in components are used instead of the conventional costly and error-prone single wiring. This means that you benefit from fast, clear, and error-free wiring.

Your advantages

  • Exceedingly versatile: range of various functions such as relay, solid-state relay and feed-through connector
  • Individual structure thanks to interface modules with 1, 2 or 3-conductor connection technology
  • Flexible – Connect with screw, spring-cage or Push-in connection technology
  • Fast, error-free, and uniform wiring thanks to pre-assembled system cables
  • Simple planning using the configuration cross-reference list or online selector
  • System cabling is a part of the COMPLETE line system

The system at a glance

System components  

VARIOFACE system cabling with plug-in components

The VARIOFACE system cabling consists of the following components:

1) Front adapter

Marshals signals so that costly single wiring is not necessary. These are simply inserted into the matching input/output card of the controller. Solutions are available for the following controller manufacturers: ABB, Allen Bradley, Emerson, Honeywell, GE Fanuc, Phoenix Contact, Mitsubishi Electric, OMRON, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Yokogawa

2) System cable

The signals are transmitted from the controller to the module via a pre-assembled system cable. They are available in different versions (length, number of positions, and shielding).

3) Modules

The module forwards the controller and field signals. You also benefit form the varied product range. The modules are available with various connection technologies, overall widths, and different functions.

Conventional wiring with single wires compared to system cabling

Single-wire wiring  

Conventional cabling with single wires

Conventional wiring with single wires

Wiring the I/O devices with single wires is very time-consuming and prone to errors.


  • Time-consuming, because many work steps are necessary – such as cutting the wires to length, stripping, marking, crimping, and laying them
  • Each single wire connection is a possible error source
  • The arrangement of the cable bundles is confusing
  • Arduous troubleshooting
  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to single wires
System cabling  

VARIOFACE system cabling

VARIOFACE system cabling

The system cabling is a tailored wiring concept which consists of a front adapter, system cable, and module.


  • Plug-in components allow fast and error-free connection
  • 90% time savings compared to conventional single wire wiring

Controller-specific system cabling for signal and power wiring

VIP power cabling  

VIP power cabling with connection to the field side of the terminal block range

Use the VIP power cabling universal front adapters to couple all signal types to your SIMATIC S7-300 controller modules via plug and play. The adapter versions with COMBI connector or open cable end are suitable for signal and power wiring. Implement applications with different switching requirements safely and flexibly. The connection to the CLIPLINE complete terminal block range on the field side means that you can also benefit from the full scope of functions of the terminal block.

Controller-specific system cabling with PLC-V8 adapter

PLC-INTERFACE with system cabling adapters  

Modular relay system with system connection

The system cabling adapter allows fast and error-free connection of relay modules to the control level. This solution combines the product features of PLC-INTERFACE and VARIOFACE system cabling. The input and output block allows a channel-specific assembly depending on the switching requirements, thanks to the modular structure.


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