Industrial Ethernet

One network, all options

One network, all options

Industrial Ethernet has become a proven and established solution in automation – as it is consistent, fast, and extremely flexible.

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  • Cyber Security
    Industrial Cyber Security

    Security appliances regulate access to networks and therefore protect the system against harmful influences.

  • Ethernet extenders
    Ethernet extenders

    Intelligent Ethernet extender system for easy networking of extensive IP networks.

  • Ethernet switches
    Ethernet switches

    Here you will find our comprehensive portfolio of Industrial Ethernet Switches: from Unmanaged Switches to Managed Switches and layer 3 switches.

  • Installation technology for Industrial Ethernet
    Installation technology for Industrial Ethernet

    Comprehensive installation materials for setting up your industrial network

  • Media converters for Ethernet
    Media converters for Ethernet

    Stand-alone media converters for Ethernet networks: fast conversion for interference-free FO transmission.

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Ethernet provides maximum freedom for designing your infrastructure. With Industrial Ethernet products from Phoenix Contact, you can make the most of all the options offered by Ethernet networks. Unrivalled flexibility, performance, consistency, and speed.

Your advantages

  • Everything from a single source: in the comprehensive Ethernet range, from the fast connection plug to the backbone switch
  • Extremely secure, thanks to the latest firewall technology and a unique remote maintenance concept
  • Flexible, thanks to tailor-made wireless solutions and interfaces
  • Easy network management with intuitive software for efficient planning, monitoring, and maintenance

Singe Pair Ethernet

Data and power via a single wire pair  

Single Pair Ethernet in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Consistent data communication finally goes the distance: Single Pair Ethernet stands for parallel, high-performance transmission of data and power via Ethernet over a single wire pair from the sensor right through to the cloud. Take advantage of Single Pair Ethernet for system cabling in the Industrial Internet of Things.


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Everything for industrial networks

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